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Baker Community Choir continues with interim director

Clarification: "[O]pen to singers of all ages" is incorrect.

This choir is open to those of all skill levels age 16 and older.

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Ives Chapel UMC hosting first clothing closet Saturday

I would like to donate clothing. Can anyone post contact information for Cathy Gilges, or a time on Friday when the church will be open to accept donations?

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Student arrested for bringing loaded gun to BHS

". . . each board of education in this state shall adopt a written policy requiring the expulsion from school for a period of not less than one year any pupil determined to be in possession of a weapon at school, on school property, or at a school supervised activity." K.S.A. 72-89a02(a)

This is a part of Kansas' "Weapon-Free Schools Act" found in part here:

Both of these students should be expelled for at least one full year regardless of whether any criminal charges are filed.

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Students, staff happy to be back in school; enrollment down slightly

“We graduated a large senior class, so that is part of the reason we’re down a few students this year,” said Shaun Moseman, BHS principal. “We only have 82 seniors this year.”

Umm, sorry, but that small senior class has been in the high school enrollment count for 3 years now. The high school did not drop enrollment because of them. Isn't it more likely that we graduated more students last year than we are taking in as freshman and transfers????

Likely reasons for the overall drop:
1. The recession and the extremely high cost of living in our town have ended the influx of commuters to Baldwin. This will not improve in the near future, especially if the full force of all the purchased school bonds, a newly proposed sales tax, and utility rate increases hit the books in the next 12 months.
2. More district families are opting for home school, private or virtual school.
3. The reason no BHS administrator will address: There are a growing number of BHS students who are choosing to attend Lawrence High as out-of-district students, even as they continue to live in the Baldwin district. The reasons are numerous and varied, and not all tied to sports. A large number of transferees have left to find more academic choices and rigor.

Let's get our heads out of the sand.

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Cocerned about spending!

No matter how you voted or felt about last fall's bond election, you need to be very concerned about the cuts the KS legislature is making to public education now.

The cuts for the remainder of this fiscal year look to be around $32 million. See link:

That's the tip of the iceberg. Cuts for the next fiscal year (2009-10) to public education are projected to be anywhere from 8-18% of each district's budget. Personnel salaries eat up 70% or more of most districts' budgets, so you are looking at significant teacher/staff layoffs all over the state, and in Baldwin.

Most troubling from the above-cited article are these quotes:

"Sebelius and many fellow Democrats argue that cuts will be difficult for Kansas' 295 school districts to absorb. A few have predicted some districts will have to borrow money to finish the school year, then impose special property taxes to pay off the debt.

'This bill bankrupts many school districts,' said Rep. Ann Mah, a Topeka Democrat."

"A dozen districts have no cash reserves, according to the state Department of Education."

Is Baldwin one of those dozen districts with no cash reserves??? Other LJW articles have hinted as much . . .

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