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USD School Board considering cutting busing inside city limits

I don't think that cancelling bus services for children who live within city limits is right or fair. Some children live within city limits but is over 2.5 miles from the PC or the IC. We live on the other side of 56 highway and my daughter who will be in 2nd grade next year would have to walk to school because we live 2.0 miles from the PC and are within the city limits. I believe If the board approves the recommendation there will be quite a strain put forth on parents to get their kids to school safely.. I'm sorry, but a savings of $20,000 to $30,000 really is not a significant amount of money for the headaches and safety concerns for the parents and the children to be put through. I understand some other cities have done this but that is because there are other forms of transportation available, i.e. public buses, bicycle paths and so on, Baldwin does not have any other modes of transportation for the children to get to school. Many of the parents here in Baldwin work out of town and most of us have to be to work prior to 8A on a daily basis. Maybe the transportation department could look at charging a fee for the children to ride the bus for the school year that live within the city limits to help alleviate the cost, this could be included in the school fees we pay at the beginning of the year.

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