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"The board voted on a district wide curriculum that is to be taught but that is not the case. Books and materials were purchased and they are not being used. Couldn't the district have saved money by just purchasing it for the teacher's that use it? "

True... the books that are SUPPOSE to be used are sitting in the PC storage room still wrapped in plastic........

You cant trust Dorathy... he will pull what ever he needs to do to pull ideas out of the thin air to get it past the citizens then come up with an " well the economy changed or the new elected political officials cut more funding" so we WERE going to give the teachers raises ( much like we will keep the schools open and provide laptops as the city schools get but didnt ) excuses.. then what? 2 schools are closed we are over budget again, no teacher raises and they are trying to figure what to pull out of their ass next to make it work.

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Rural School Closings

Dont worry you wont need too much popcorn. there are only 7 people with enough guts to stand up and SPEAK OUT against an incompetent school board and a city that would rather raise jar head sport jocks then quality education for all students. How many recruits have we had come out of Baldwin City, Ks... Quit wasting the money for all these sport related items. Water is not cheap in Baldwin, can you imagine the water bill for watering the football fields and then we have track additions and a performance auditorium? COME ON! Quit living vicariously through the sport programs your kids are in and concentrate on their EDUCATION.. and that involves not over crowding the classes by closing 2 awesome school....and yes,my kids are in the city schools unfort. for now.

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Baldwin Bullies

Your right.. Ignoring them is not a good idea... what else would I get a good laugh at if I wasn't reading their posts...

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Baldwin Bullies

baldwinmom10----Just FYI Bloggerboo just likes to spread their nasty, negative venom on this post as they do on ALL posts. You can bet you will see a name TORCH and BLOGGERBOO quite a bit on anything you read on the signal. and another thing you will see is how their are negative, insulting and better then everyone, get over it attitude gets to me very irritating... you will learn to ignore them like we all do !

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Baldwin Bullies

"If a kid gets into a fight deal with it. If your kid can't take the name calling (or any other bullying) then he needs to stand up to the bully and learn to defend themselves. That is just part of learning to live in society. "

WOW!! These victims of bullying do stand up for themselves... Sadly its in the form of coming to schools with rifles, murdering their classmates and then killing themselves! Then people like you wonder why your child's brains are plastered on the lockers....

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Baldwin Bullies

And after speaking with Administrative.... there is not a SPECIFIC policy in place. It says No Bullying but there is yet a policy to layout the disciplinary actions and how much bull*** they will take from the tyrants before they actually do something to them ! The policy is still "in the development stage"...

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Baldwin Bullies

Hey BloogerBoo... can you find that for me in the BJHS handbook?? Not seeing it.......

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School board hears concerns from patrons

It amazes me that such a decision is left in to a Board that has no first hand knowledge or experience of these rural schools. Hell one Board member cant even stay awake long enough to hear the facts. Are you kidding? How many of us get to retain a job we sleep at? In my opinion, its all a dog pony show.. they pretty much have their minds made up, are not interested in finding other solutions and just sit and listen to us voice our concerns because its a formality.

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School board sets date for rural schools public hearing

Torch.... do you just sit at the computer eating Bon-Bons waiting for your opportunity to be the first to post your negative opinions ? Let me take another guess, your kids are the cream floating at the top of the class as well as sports, so to hell with everyone else. As long as they excel and you have bragging rights for thier sports accomplishments as well as a new Activities director to add to the cream, things are wonderful in your world. You keep mentioning bull dozing Marion Springs. When were you there to observe the failing state of that school or is that more of your assumptions? You seem to be a very negative, bitter and selfish person. And now that BaldwinDad mentioned it.. every time I see you in passing I cant help but think "Internet Troll".. sorry... but in a nut shell just from this post this is your negative intrusion: And yes... Im sure you will be the FIRST to the microphone as well !
"Wonder how many people will have the nerve to stand at the microphone in front of everyone and demand that the schools be closed. I'm guessing not many.

On the other hand it would be quite easy to stand there and weep and say 'It's for the kids!
"Close the schools and move on."

Those facilities - especially Marion Springs - are woefully inadequate and should be bulldozed.

'I think schools in general are bloated and over-staffed and that classrooms of 25 - 30 students (the norm 30 years ago) is just fine. '

The cream will always rise to the top in a class and the dregs will always be the dregs.

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Parents respond to possible closing of rural schools

You make awesome points ! im glad to see someone else also has a child struggling due to class size. That was the point I was trying to make to Blogerboo but she took it as a disservice to the teachers rather then getting the point of the post. Anyway, thanks for your shared opinion :)

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