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Taco Hell

One more thing if the city is willing to fine people for there grass not being mowed why are they not doing something about the parking lot problem that has been going on for several months.

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Taco Hell

I called Taco Bell today at the head office about there parking lot and the only thing I was told is they would make note of it. I then asked what would be done about it and the response to the question was I will make note of it and was told to have a nice day. And there is only a few people working there that look decent, the rest look like they just rolled out of bed and the guys have shaggy looking long hair thats not pulled up nor is the girls hair and no one that has long hair is in a hair net. That Taco Bell and Pizza Hut is owned by the same company. Pizza Huts parking lot is headed in the same direction.

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7th grade football

The consequence for a non-student athlete I hope would at least be in school suspension. And yes, if it's a band student he/she shouldn't be allowed to perform at the next game. Allowing an athlete to play his normal amount of time is just wrong. I don't care who did it, coaches son or not, they should have consequences. It MAY affect the team not having the player in there and it may not, but I'm sure there are other kids who can replace him---who didn't urinate on the wall. And whether he was told on or caught makes no difference. Being part of the team is a priviledge, and they need to act like it. What are we teaching our kids by not giving them consequences they'll remember? And then we make excuses for them not being disciplined? I, as a parent, would not have allowed my child to play. I would have taken it into my own hands if the coaches weren't going to deal with it. Teaching a child that actions have certain consequences is more important than winning a football game!!

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7th grade football

"BUT, instead you chose to remain anonymous", you are also remaining anonymous. And how do you know we haven't talked to the coaches, or the administrators of the school?

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7th grade football

I agree, the team has had a great season. But for a player to urinate on the walls?? Come on. We need to show some disciplinary action with these boys. They need to be shown that disrespecting school property is not tolerated. I hope they were punished at home, but not being punished on the field, to me, shows them that there are no "real" consequences for such behavior. I cannot belive the school administration didn't take further action on this matter. Whether he is new or not, that was WRONG!!! There should be no excuses made for any of the kids.

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7th grade football

That's right bulldogfan, I never said my son didn't get to play. In fact, he plays quite a bit--and can walk and chew gum at the same time thank you very much!! The issue is whether or not some kids are being given special treatment. I'm sure I'm not the only parent out there that thinks this. They may not say it loudly, but I know there are parents out there not happy with the way things are being done.

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