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Enough about Boyda already

Think of it as that much more friendly information about your member of Congress.


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Boyda speaks out on FISA, votes against retroactive immunity

Oh, you're funny...

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What is the The Blue Dog Coalition

and an excellent organization it is. thanks for posting about it.

....or are you trying to draw a poorly defined connection of some kind to Congresswoman Boyda? if so..and we honestly would never have known from your know perfectly well she applied but was not accepted- because membership limits had been reached.'ll say, surely, like all the other NRCC drones, that she was rejected because she's an evil LIBERAL...but, funny...she hadn't been in congress long enough to establish herself as anything other than a freshmen when they closed their roles.

you might just have been providing information...if so, thanks again for that. we hope you appreciate our information, too!

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Boyda Moderate?

we actually weren't calling on you to do was specific to another anti-boyda blog.

but, certainly, we'll encourage you to retract anything you post.

Have a good one


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