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Slates set for spring elections

The Bond Issue is Separate money. It is tax money used to build. The bond did not cause budget shortfalls. State legislature cut funds to schools and continues to do so, if you want to blame someone blame your state legislator. Again the bond money can only be used for what was stated on the bond issue and passed by a public vote. Example you can not use bond money to pay teachers.

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School board closes rural elementary schools by 5-2 vote

Mr. Dorathy does not get to pick and choose who keeps their job. It is done by seniority. That is the sole determiner in cutting teaching job.

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School board revisits elementary school closings

Here is a thought Vinland form your own school district. Do you really have the tax base to support it? I am sure Baldwin wold let you go.

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School board revisits elementary school closings

If you teach Science, Math, or Special education there are plenty of jobs out there. You will begin to lose teachers and then coaches in Baldwin. Coaching salaries at Baldwin are the lowest in the state. I do agree we do not need an AD in the district this job could be handled by assistant principal and Head coaches.
Do not pass another bond issue, Bond Issues only build things, they do not pay teachers or repair buildings. So go ahead do not pass a bond issue. 20 years from now you will have some worn down buildings so you can bitch about that. Consolidate all schools, send all Baldwin kids to Lawrence, there problems solved no schools no budget issues. Consolidate with Lawrence.
Last Issue. Schools in Kansas have not received the same amount or more money the past 3 years. They have received less each year and that number will probably be cut again in December. At that point you may lose teachers to RIF (REDUCTION IN FORCE).
How many High School kids left Baldwin this year because the opportunities are not here, those opportunities are being sucked away by to little tiny schools. Most of the schools in the district had to cut a teacher, but not Vinland they added a teacher. It is ridiculous that a small percentage of students can take away so much from the majority.

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7th grade football

I would like to know where the other boys involved dads work. That way we have a chance of possibly knowing who they were also.

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7th grade football

It is tougher to be a coaches kid. There are higher expectations, you have to be better by far than the person you play in front of or it is favoritism. Very seldom though is the kid not the one that should be playing. My opinion here is some kid that was playing last year is not getting the playing time they had last year because the new kid is better. They were punished for there act as a team that is a coaches decision as well as playing them after the punishment. I bet they were punished at home. Parents that pull there kids out of games as punishment for bad grades home issues etc also punish 10 other kids. Let the coaches coach and the administrators be administrators and you sit back and be a fan and enjoy a great season.

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7th grade football

Give me a break, I would guess this is about playing time. Someone is not getting to play and their parents are upset that is what most issues with coaches really boil down to, they may say it is another issue but they are really concerned about their kids time on the field. Detention would be after school, if a kid is not at practice I am sure the coach asks why or finds out why?

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7th grade football

3 coaches last year, see if you can run some more off this year. Lowest paid coaches in the state (BHS & BJHS COACHES) and they have to put up with this stuff hope the coaches stay off this sight.

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Bond Issue - USD 348

Recommended distances for fences in High school baseball 310 ft -325 ft at the foul poles. 355-410 ft in center.
13-14 year old baseball 300 ft arch all the way around.

Baldwin dimensions
left and right field foul poles 275 ft center field 285 ft.
So the fields are actually to small for High School Baseball.

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