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Baldwin City, RWD No. 4 eye cheaper options for water

I would like to congratulate Baldwin City Mayor Ken Wagner. He and RWD 4 it appears are letting the City of Lawrence know “enough is enough”. When the article quoted Mayor Wagner saying, “The increases are just too large” I almost cheered. This proactive effort, to help reduce our city’s spending, could help the economic dilemma of our community. If Lawrence won’t reduce the wholesale water rates I hope our city will take a different course of action. Why should Baldwin be subsidizing the City of Lawrence for a commodity we can possibly secure cheaper elsewhere? It might be that Lawrence needs us more than we need their expensive water.

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Voters to decide on sales tax Tuesday

I really would like to vote yes on part "A" of the sale tax, but will not. It is correct that a sales tax would fairly spread a tax over the the entire community and would not just be another tax burden born by only the property owners. That is fair. However, I have reservations. This tax will not help relieve the tax burdened property owners of Baldwin City. It is essentially just an additional tax. We are already the highest taxed community in Douglas County. I also look unkindly upon the threat of additional property taxes if this sales tax does not pass. I may have missed the information, if any, on what our city government has done to reduce its expenditures. As for part "B", now is not the time to spend tax money on anything other than the essential needs of our community. The view of entitlement held by some members of our community must cease. At this time, we simply can not afford it.

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Can't support either sales tax

To SpeaksSlowlyToIdiots Thank You!
By the way, what would Baldwin City have to do to buy your vote? We already have to much taxation in Baldwin City and you want more. Who is the idiot?

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Baldwin City Utilities Problems...

We too would like to move from Baldwin City. But it looks impossible. Anyone who knows anything about the taxes and utility rates in Baldwin City know it would be in their best interest not to live here. It is much less expensive to live elsewhere.

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Can't support either sales tax

Baldwin City's feelings of entitlement have gone on long enough.Does anyone on the City Council have a clue as to the dire financial conditions of its residents? It looks like the Baldwin City Council and Mr. Dingman might be telling people what they want to hear in order to "buy" their votes. Spending money on Ralph Tanner's and Don Nutt's water problem is a good example. We don't have a sidewalk and the few that are in our neighborhood are a hazard to walk on. How about buying my vote. If this sales tax is to pass it should be used for the greater good of our community not individuals and special interests. Vote NO.

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Sales tax forum draws crowd

A clear message needs to be sent to our city fathers and school board. No MORE NEW TAXES! Most of us can’t afford them. VOTE NO!!!!!!

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City council balks at sales-tax pitch from committee

It has been stated that additional sales tax money is needed. But where is it needed? The Baldwin City Council sounds like they are planning a carefree fishing trip; paid for by you, the people of Baldwin. The Baldwin City Council doesn’t even know where they should spend this, “much needed”, tax money! Does the city really need it, I doubt it! Mayor Ken Wagner said, “I think the citizens of Baldwin City will have to trust city councils to spend their money wisely,” That is like the saying, “We are the IRS and we are here to help you!” What a line of bull. There has never been any real accountability and that is exactly why it is so expensive to live here? Council Member Ted Brecheisen, Jr seems to be the only council member who has any idea of what the citizens of Baldwin City really need; LESS CITY GOVERNMENT SPENDING! Bring down the outlandishly expensive taxes, water and electric rates. Let Baldwin City be a location where regular folks can once again afford to live. Baldwin is not Blue Valley.

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City council wants to educate voters on sales tax election

An increase in sales tax on top of what the exorbitant rates we already pay to the city for water and electricity is just plain unacceptable! We already are paying more than the other towns in Douglas County. I for one am tired of paying extra for the privilege to live in “The Golden” Baldwin City.

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Preliminary results show district has attained AYP again

An error appears in the statement, “This year was no exception for the Baldwin School District. The district was once again six for six on making AYP.” The Kansas State Department of Education‘s 2003 Adequate Yearly Progress Report stated otherwise. Baldwin USD 348 was listed as one of six Kansas school districts that did not make AYP in 2003.

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School district budget jumps 9.5 mills for 2009-2010

Oh, by the way. Kansas State base aid per pupil is $4,218.00. Forty students times $4,218.00 equals $168,720.00. That is a lot of money! Will the Baldwin School Board increase the mill levy?

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