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Sales tax still at issue for city council

hey dont talk to Ken Wagner about the needs of our city, he's only out for himself. sure our local farmers have enjoyed not paying taxes for some of their "toys". oh yeah some of ya'l may not have heard about that yet...oops. see a farmer still has to pay taxes on a fourwheeler or one of those gator machines. well the farmer wasnt charged taxes on those, you know to help keep the price down and to intice the sale. Ken pockets the money for the sale but hey it's only hurting our community. and how is it that he drives a truck and parks it in Kansas but has it tagged and registered in Missouri? this is against the law and he knows this because he had to change over other trucks in Topeka, last year, for the same offense. once again money that goes to our state and county....wake up Baldwinites! i too voted for "change" and am waking up to the wrong changes.

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McKenna resigns as chief of Baldwin City Police Department

off the subject but his name was in the article. now that we have a new "sheriff" in town how about a look at Mayor Ken Wagner. The man owns a company that is based in our town yet his own personal truck is registered and tagged in MO, because it is cheaper. He has already been cited for employees having trucks tagged the same way and staying in Kansas. Has our local law enforcement been looking the other way or ignorant to this. Is he above the law? It is a small thing but he is willing to accept Kansas $ why not give it back to his community? An educated man he is but a law breaker too!

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