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School board votes to cut administrative costs, give non-renewal notice to seven teachers

Matt already knew the recommendation was for him to be dismissed as did all of his supporters. He made that information public prior to his official cut as anyone could tell with all the fanfare up until now.

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Good news comes for bond issue projects

"Mr. Dorathy working hard has nothing to do with the bids coming in under the original budget."

If Mr. Dorathy hadn't worked to push the projects along to get them bid out now, then we could be paying more a few months from now if they had dragged their feet. So I'd argue that Mr. Dorathy working hard has something to do with the successful bids, maybe not all to do, but certainly leadership and direction from him has certainly helped with the timing of things.

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A view of leadership on our candidates

Good points, while name calling has been apart of elections for some time, I guess I still hope for change.

I could agree that I am being generous as I do like to give people the benefit of the doubt. When it comes to a public office, perhaps I shouldn't be as generous.

Anyway, I agree, new topic! Perhaps we'll get some sunny days when the electricity goes out for no apparent reason. That always starts a good discussion. Take care.

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A view of leadership on our candidates

TOGG - I do see your points. I agree that the public should know more about George and they may do so by asking him or better, as you've said, he should address the concern if he is aware of the concern. What if he doesn't read speakout? Can you discredit a guy for not answering a concern which was he was not made aware of? Perhaps it wasn't an overwhelming question from people he discussed his campaign with so why should we expect him to address it? I'm just speculating.

I think perhaps you are I are arguing about two different types of comments made on here. Making fun of his laugh, calling him donkey george; those are the comments that reduce the credibility of any other comments made by those posters, thus their "factors they felt were true" don't hold any greater meaning. Wouldn't you agree? It was those comments that I defined (I think, I was too vague initially) as mudslinging and those individuals would be the mudslingers.

Wikipedia has a good definition of mudslinging: "Negative campaigning is trying to win an advantage by referring to negative aspects of an opponent or of a policy rather than emphasizing one's own positive attributes or preferred policies."

I don't think I'm too far off, but I do apologize if I hurt anyone's feelings.

Lastly, I'm not the only one on here that has asked for the name calling to stop for reasons of embarrassing those who supported Ken. I don't have a problem with Ken nor did a say I have absolute disrespect for him. I can still have a reduced respect. Basically, what I'm getting at is this: when I look at what those who support him would do to get him elected, I don't think it's wrong minded to question what type of people Ken surrounds himself with, because that does play a part in a man's character and if you allow me to follow your logic, I should be entitled to raise those concerns, no? I'm willing to admit it's out of line, but like I said, I'm not alone.

Anyway, I'll just leave it at that for what it's worth, agree or disagree. I do think Ken is proven in his business and in this town. I have faith he'll do a great job as Mayor. I like the fact that so many ran for positions and I admire their willingness to take on the challenge.

Thanks for the good discussion TOGG!

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A view of leadership on our candidates

TheOnlyGreyghost - I never argued that is wasn't George's job to make it known the reasons for his decisions in the past. I was simply pointing out that most of the negative comments on speakout were libelous in nature whereas you were arguing that they were "truth".

I have less respect for Wagner due to the actions of those supporting him.

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A view of leadership on our candidates

"But if people's concerns are based in truth, they have a right to air them—and that does not constitute mudslinging"

The concerns here are NOT based on truth. Sure, the truth is George resigned his post early, but not one single person on this forum can give us any idea why other than their opinion of why he did. The only person who knows the true answer is George, but have any of the mudslingers asked him? No, they've all hidden on here behind their anonymity because they are so cowardly to face the man they talk down upon, therefore their opinions mean nothing.

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Patrons air budget concerns

Torch, don't you know, 'we' already did that.

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Budget cuts to be discussed at Monday's school board meeting

Good points. It is definitely a difficult decision because there are so many factors involved.

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Cocerned about spending!

Torch, the other facts you missed are the district is locking in interests rates lower than what they projected to the public prior to us voting on the issue. Your rants about why they've sold bonds are meritless because you don't realize that us taxpayers will actually pay less over the life of the bond than what they projected. Even if there are a few extra months of interest vs. higher interest rates over many years, it's a no-brainer.

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Ballfields' design closer to being approved

NWYT, what I think about the previous superintendent is irrelevant and your assumption is incorrect. What I do think is Supt. Dorathy is doing a good job. I think they are looking at everything the way they should.

Your so called "masses" are right by how their trust is placed. We vote the board members in based on this trust. This is easily shown by the fact that the community doesn't vote on every issue that comes across the table. We trust those elected board members and those hired by the board members to do their jobs.

Even greater, we are allowed to voice our concerns to the board. If you haven't voiced your concern to them, then you simply have no room to complain. If you have, then great, hopefully they'll address that concern.

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