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Patrons want rural schools to be closed

straightforward, I probably wasn't clear enough, so no biggie.

BigCat, not that you're incorrect, but is there a chance that the busses are at one end of the route, where there might be a chance kids are either not all on the bus or either mostly dropped off? Could you share about the other waste you refer to in the district?

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Patrons want rural schools to be closed


Where did I state that farms/landowners are "subsidizing" education? All I said was they pay more that I do, which is precisely the same statement you made about businesses, "they pay much more than we do".

Honestly, I think it's irrelevant to this discussion what everyone pays in taxes towards the schools, but some on here think/give the impression that "rural" folk don't pay enough taxes to be allowed any argument for our district's schools.

I too agree with Big Cat that we all contribute through taxes for education everywhere, which is exactly the point I was trying to make.

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Patrons want rural schools to be closed

I love the talk of how BC residents are "subsidizing" VES and MSES. Last I checked, we all pay property taxes and I'm willing to bet some of the farmers/landownders out near those schools pay a heck of a lot more towards the school district tax levy than I do.

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District feels budget-cut pinch again

It's amazing this hasn't made more news in light of the state budget issues, but tell my why the grossly over budget statehouse renovations are still under way. I would be ticked if the project was a couple million dollars over budget, but roughly $190 million over budget?????

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Mayor's vote clears way for trail plan

NanCrisp, you could, i dunno, go to the city council meetings to voice your opposition. That's all the better the survey was, a suggestion to city council. The council is the final decision, not the survey respondents, so blaming them (and I'm not one of them) is useless.

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Bond issue projects continue to be low ... including new road

"i'm sorry, but did i miss the public meeting on extending elm street through to lawrence ave, and bull pup drive?"


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new resturant in Baldwin

I have to say the same about the service, one visit, it was a long wait to give our order, the next, it took them longer to get us our check than it did to be sat and finish our meal.

The food I had was good so there is some potential there, but the service can really spoil the experience. We tried the appetizer with chips and the 3 dips and ran out of chips. The manager (i guess it was the manager) and 2 different waitresses walked by without even bothering to ask if we needed more chips.

They need to do something better with how they handle tickets too, just a little organization and consistent process would benefit them greatly.

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School bond issue pushes Baldwin City at top of tax lists


The article seems to leave out the individual contributions to the totals. The link above is up to 2008, but you can do some easy math to figure out 2009's levies for each.

"Poor kids. Their community focusing on quality of education over quality of buildings. How terrible for them!"

Funny how I've heard on more than one occasion people from Lawrence talk about how good Baldwin schools are. Perhaps b.c. schools care about the quality of education AND the quality of the facilities.

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City resolution regarding Elm St. passes, but questioned

Yeah, there's a good idea solo, make the district pay for all kinds of streets, then I bet you'll turn around and criticize all the things that needed to be cut because the district is now building streets for the City of Baldwin rather than schools for our kids.

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Baldwin School Board bites budget bullet

I remember seeing the "cut" list posted on the districts website a number of weeks ago. On the front page of usd348.com, click on news archive and look for "02/24/2009 - Letter from the Superintendent"

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