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Superintendent explains rules of PAC shelter use

The library of the primary center is also a FEMA compliant shelter, so there is that option currently. I too hope we never see a day where it must be used.

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Baldwin USD 348 superintendent wary of state, federal actions

It's amazing so many of you can be up in arms about Mr. Dorathy, yet we can't find enough people to run for school board. It seems to me the district shouldn't be in the business of owning software if they can't keep someone hired in-house to support the investment. At least Reflective Group is a local business, so if success comes from it that should benefit Baldwin by bringing outside dollars to town.

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Future of rural schools decision looms Monday night

You guys are complaining about "tacky" for sale signs? Get real.

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Do You Know The "Facts"?

Big deal, you have a flyer dated November 4th, 2008. That flyer that was made prior to the board having to cut over 1.2 million dollars from the budget. Keep in mind, they did that without closing schools. What is obvious now is that the district is being proactive with more state funding cuts on the horizon. Do you not see the reality? If the economy was all find and dandy, the district probably wouldn't be looking to close buildings.

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Baltzell completes Fargo marathon as personal goal

Interestingly torch, many students did choose to do senior projects that fit in areas they were either going to study in college and/or further down the road. The senior projects did require research and a presentation, so the senior project requirements were not terribly far off what you just suggested.

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Plowing the schools lots?

The maint. director is a salaried employee who was probably out there clearing the snow, so no overtime/extra pay there. As for hourly workers that may have helped, no one here, including myself, knows how many hours were worked, and over time means they would have had to work over 40 hours clearing snow. Unlikely.

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Plowing the schools lots?

I believe the KSHSAA non-practice week ended Sunday, so I can see why snow removal might have been necessary for a few practices that may be held.

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Plowing the schools lots?

Yes, we wouldn't want people like loosecaboose to be all up in arms over a decal. We need to get to the core of this issue and find the responsible party and make them pay.

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December thunder

I read about 9/10th of an inch for rain yesterday.

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Pringle airs gripes to school board about bond projects

Please share, torch, the disaster you speak of?

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