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Baldwin Bullies

This could not be more correct! I am a senior at Baldwin High School and for starters I would like to say that I am around these students all day and have not noticed this bullying "epidemic" that everyone seems to be describing. That being said, there is definitely some bullying that goes on and NanCrisp has hit the nail on the head. The majority of bullying I have witnessed comes from the most "popular" students. These students make a show of insulting kids with less charisma and social skill. This is a problem, however all BHS students are already forced to watch bullying videos at some point in their high school career, and many of the juniors and seniors do a great job of influencing younger students in a positive way. It is really a part of the maturing process that you undergo during your high school career. The students that picked on kids when they were Freshmen are now either outstanding people, or because of the lack of positive feedback from their peers, they have simply stopped the bullying behavior. I am proud to be a student at BHS and I have heard horror stories about the schools in our area that make me very happy to be where I am.

-Brandon Baltzell

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save the schools

Having schools compete for tax dollars is an interesting thought. Unfortunately schools outside our district are a lengthy commute and as you well know we can't build, a new high school for instance, because that would require tax dollars spent for the sole purpose of providing competition for the pre-established school. Your idea definitely makes me think of the numerous private schools in our area and the healthy competition they are involved in. If only all of our kids could be afforded a private school education.

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