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pets should not be allowed in places where food or beverages are sold. or in facilities where sterility is an issue.

I do not think this is an issue of irresponsible pet ownership but irresponsible parenting....
Fact: Dog's have teeth.... Whether they have ever bitten before is moot. They are capable of biting.
If you do not want to take the chance, instruct your children to steer clear of unfamiliar dogs.

If you allowed your child close enough to be snapped at or bitten, that falls onto to the shoulders of the parent. Dogs are Dogs. They may or may not bite, pee on the shelves or defecate in the isles. I feel that as long as the owner has a firm control on the dog and cleans up any messes it may or may not make.... Keep your kids away from the animal and there will be no issue.

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School board listens to patrons at public hearing

To 1776~ Amen Brother!

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Where's the city news?

Ghost, You do not know me, so how can you be so mean?
Let me clear up your misinterpretation of me...
I am a very devout christian who follows the laws set forth by our God.
I am a very devoted parent who is active in my childrens lives in and out of school and I have NEVER watched oprah

I could throw a few uneducated conclusions out here about you, however, I DO NOT KNOW YOU!

I hope that in your REAL life you are not this mean and negative... I imagine it would be a very sad life for you if you where. :(

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Ohhhh, Jeffy-Boy

AGAIN PEOPLE! You are ripping apart a man on a public forum, who has just lost his job. Whether or not he was good at it doesnt mean that it was any less devistating for him!

Mr. Myrick,
I do not know you, but I am sorry for your misfortunes!
God Bless!

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Where's the city news?

You people are awful! This was one of the most vile threads I've ever witnessed!!! Every one of you are being nasty and mean! This is still a public forum and I would think that we don't want to spread the impression that Baldwin City isn't full of small minded, big mouthed cowards! So Behave!

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Baldwin Bullies

Wow! There is just so much to say! I will start with "walking away!" That is a fantastic stratagy and one that I tried to implement my own child through his elementary and Jr. high school years as he was victimized and bullied (not in this district) So what do you suggest when the bully follows you, or when they victim is outnumbered and CAN'T walk away?

Second~ No one is "bashing teachers or administration" but the reality is that budget cuts and misuse of fund in the past years have seen larger class sizes and reduced numbers of staff, ultimatly leading to the inablility of staff to provide proper supervision. "Ghost" only suggested one way to more vigilant.

Third~ I think everyone on this blog can agree that parents do need to take a more active roll in preparing their children for the reality of bullies, and be more active in the school to help stop existing bullying and prevent future bullying. Will we be able to eliminate it? No. However, should we just throw up our hands and accept it as a way of life for our children? Absolutly not! Compassion and Sympathy are important morals to teach all our children, the problem is that often its our victims that have learned that and the bullies that have not! After all, it would seem to me that if our bullies showed some compassion and sympathy, they would not be preying on the smaller, weaker, or more sensitive.

Fourth~ To Bloggerboo---- I did not label you as a bully for defending our teachers and staff, I did it because the only way YOU could see to make your point was to tell, or insinuate to the other people, also trying to make their point, that they were stupid. Seems to me that bullies use much the same tactic to make themselves seem bigger, better and smarter!

Last~ As Baldwinks has pointed out our children who are victimized by bullies are in a loose-loose situation. Here is how it goes down most of the time....bully says something offensive or mean, or kicks, pushes, hits, etc. ... while there is noone looking or close enough to hear.... now the victim who usually has had him fill, finally retaliates and is the one who is louder or more noticable in their reaction, because it is not as calculated, and is the one who is seen or heard. So they (the victim) is the one who is punished because they are they are the only ones who were seen/heard. This is a comman game played by bullies to further victimize.

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Baldwin Bullies

You see, citymole, that is where I have a problem! It is "ignoring them" that has caused them to be the bullies they are today! I feel badly that they were not helped as children, perhaps then, they would not publicly humiliate themselves, by showing their complete lack of intelligence on a public forum. But I see that ignorance is bliss for them, apparently.

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Baldwin Bullies

Thank You Ghost! That was an amazingly insightful post! I can only hope that some of the blind or misguided followers on this blog will read your words and perhaps see that there are 2 sides to bullying, there is the bully's side: He is on top of the world people are scared of him! While somewhere in their lives they are lacking a vital something that has re-manifested itself negativity, And the bullies parents who, like all parents only want to believe the very best of their children, and they don't get the daily reports of THEIR kids being picked on, so they tend to be more on the "The situation is not as you make it appear" side.
The Victims Side: Dreads going to school everyday because they know they are going to be tortured by one means or another, Name calling, kicking, tripping, teasing, being ostracized, etc. , If he tell on the bullies then he is a snitch and things get 10x worse. And because, there are not enough staff at our schools,( due to budget cuts) to properly supervise that many students (which will only be worse if the consolidation happens), that leaves a lot of time that bullies can get those jabs in.

I guess it all just depends on how you look at it!

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Baldwin Bullies

Blogger: I did see that you had posted that above, but thank you for pointing that out.
I will concede that YOUR situation with bullying at our schools made not be bad, there ARE students who's situations ARE bad! How can you post such nonsense on a public forum? WOW!
And, for your information, I did do my research before posting on this site so I can testify that it is indeed a copy and paste job! If you require I will be happy to supply you with the link I found the information on!
And lastly Mr. Blogger, I have been, unfortunately, reading your posts and, am no undoubtedly scratching my head along with every other person that read them, as we wonder how ignorant one person can possibly be!

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Baldwin Bullies

You might want to do some research Gazoo, there is no policy... Please see page 14 of our district handbook.... There are 2 paragraphs copy and pasted from the KSBE website.
But I agree with what you say about the disipline issues at our schools. That is 90% of the time a huge reason kids get by w/ being a bully. Sad!

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