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1776, I think you have silly & unrealistic morals. I was immoral last week. A store had an advertisement in the paper, but I went across the street and bought something instead. Basically, the competitor didn't advertise and got my business. How can they live with themselves.

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I never understand why some people would rather call people names than argue their side of an issue. I guess if your on the losing side of the issue, what other options do you have.

I think the point I was trying to get at is that rather than just point and call people names, maybe it would be better to calmly and politely inform those individuals that this is a library led event and a donation would be appreciated. If that doesn't work, feel free to use the childish tactics of shouting "cheaters and scammers". Maybe you could even go the extra mile and make a funny face at them:o

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Baldwin City Police Department to put extra manpower on street to enforce seat belt laws

Is the seat belt law constitutional? Why are my tax dollars being uses for enforcement?

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Wow, what passion.

I think I do need help with my moral compass. Can you provide me answers to the following situation.

1) My neighbor has a garage sale and advertised in the paper the same weekend I decided to sell some stuff on my property. Am I stealing his or her advertising?

2) Someone advertises for an event called "Maple Leaf". I use my parking lot to charge $5 per parking spot. Are these "cheaters and scammers"?

3) Is it unethical if someone doesn't know about the Library's advertising and posts an ad in the paper and has a garage sale that just happens to fall on the same weekend?

When is the event? I've been a friend of the library in the past and usually send in my donation earlier, but haven't had the time to send in my donation yet this year. Then again, if the group asking for money is calling other people "cheaters and scammers" and questioning their "moral compass", maybe I'll stop donating to what I think is a worthwhile organization.

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If its someone's private property, I don't see a problem setting up a garage sale that weekend without paying a fee to do so. I want the library to profit, but not at the expense of personal property rights. If someone doesn't pay, they don't get put in the book. Find other incentives to make people pay, but don't call them "cheaters and scammers" when they pay taxes just like everyone else.

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Baldwin City downtown farmers market opens for season Saturday

Just curious what the fee money is for and who profits from the fee.

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Seems to me that if we have officers on the police force who have a four wheel drive vehicle, it would be cheaper to pay them for their personal use of their vehicle the 2-3 times a year we need a utility vehicle.

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KDOT plans safety improvements to Baldwin City's east entrance

I don't see an issue with the angle of the turn. A turning lane would be helpful.

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School board transfers $800,000 of construction dollars to bond, interest fund

I imagine that bonds are a little different, but just put the whole amount towards the principle and re-amortize over the remaining life of the loan.

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Heritage task force plans how to spend $350K

How about reducing everyone's property taxes by eliminating this program.

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