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Hancuff Place looking to expand

Let me be the first to suggest a name change.

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Baldwin school board approves fee for in-town busing service

Oh great, yet one more way that the in-town can supplement the out-of-town crowd. The City folks already have to pick up the slack from the reduced cost of water, sewer, and electrical service the school district gets from the City. Now, we have to pay for bus service just because we happen to live in the City? And the school board's solution to this is to have the City pick up the tab on sidewalks?!?

If you ask me, it's high time the Baldwin Council quit all the handouts for USD 348. Yes, I realize I pay USD 348 taxes too. The difference is that the USD 348 tax base includes everyone in the City plus those that live outside the city. The rural folks are getting a free ride (pardon the pun) on this and many, many other things.

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Moran explains vote on background checks to Baldwin City Rotary Club

Man, I really wish there was such thing as a sarcasm font.

The point I was trying to make is that I would presume that Moran would not advocate the repeal of rape and murder laws on the grounds that they don't stop rapists or murders. His reasoning is nothing more than wordplay.

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Moran explains vote on background checks to Baldwin City Rotary Club

Drug laws don't keep addicts from getting drugs, so why have drug laws?
Laws don't keep murders from murdering, rapists from raping, or thieves from steeling.
Mr. Moran needs a better excuse.

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Council approves extension of Lawrence water contract

Oops! Looks like Corliss jobbed us again..
$2.91 x 1.28 = 3.72. Add the $0.28 cost for taking water out of Clinton and we get $4.00 - Does that number look familiar?

Fear not - at least with Lawrence we don't have to appoint anyone to a board of directors to run the water production and make all those pesky decisions they have to make. We can just sit back and let big brother Lawrence make all the decisions for us, and take whatever bulls@!t excuses they have to offer about their 25 - 30% rate increases. Business as usual.

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I have had about the same results in the past few months. Download speeds less than 1.0 MB/s. I called Mediacom to complain and they tried to sell me phone service (typical). Once I got past the sales department, the tech people told me that they knew about the problem and had a "resolution date" (evidently a date when they expect the problem to be fixed) of March 31, 2011. Until then, they cut my bill in half. Can't complain about that too much.
Waiting until April 1st to do another download speed test so I can call and gripe again when the issue isn't resolved.

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Electrical rates could be increasing 6 to 12 percent

Forget the $290k for the breakers. That's just nonsense.

The rate increase is just the reality of our former leaders allowing McKinney (former public works guy) to convince them that we needed to spend $6 Million on a new power plant that is used about three times a year. You can bet that the debt service on that little toy dwarfs the $25k - $33k we have received from Gardner.

Wonder why the generator in the picture looks so nice and shiny? It's because the thing is NEVER USED. It's like a $6 Million display in the Museum of Insane Decisions.

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Patrons want rural schools to be closed

Why don't we just have a bake sale?

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Please go away.

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