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Plumberg to run for mayor, Busby won't seek re-election to school board

I am not a life long resident of Baldwin but I have lived here long enough to care what happens to this town. I am very concerned about the lack of candidates for positions on school board and for council and mayor. I hope apathy with our state and federal political system will not lead to apathy on a local level but I am afraid that is exactly what is happening. We even have apathy among some of the elected officials who are serving now! That is not what we need. We need vision and we need strength. We need an informed electorate to keep them honest.

I hope everyone who cares what happens to our community will make an effort to think about who they want to see representing them. Then go to those you think are qualified and ask them to serve. I believe there are qualified people would run if they had a little encouragement from their friends and neighbors. I challenge everyone to talk to someone you think would be a good candidate and make the case for public service. Perhaps that person is you. Now, more than ever we need quality candidates for all positions.

January 11, 2013 at 9:29 a.m. ( | suggest removal )