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Aren't you the one who is calling "country folk" crazy in the above posts?? Maybe you are the one that should remember this!

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I am not a "country folk", but I would certainly never put labels like that on groups of people. Don't you think that all of us parents just want what is best for our kids? Aren't we all just trying to accomplish the same goal? Why make it more difficult by labeling people and calling them names? How immature. I know PLENTY of "country folk" and not one of them has acted in the ways that you are suggesting.

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I'll vote for that!

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"Crazy country school folks"? You're a piece of work!

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Thanks you, Jenks, for handling this so well and sharing your opinion about how you feel that it should have been handled! You made some good points. We appreciate your feedback and hope you had a good holiday as well.

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1776 Attorney, I have a few last were NOT present at the library. Unless you are a female teenager that was babysitting two kids because she was the only other person in the library, other than the ladies behind the desk. So you and your "five witnesses" must have been somewhere else. You have yet to describe me, or the dog for that matter. Other than saying it was a puppy, which it is not. You give my husband a hard time for not being at the library when this happened, well neither were you! You say I let my older daughter play with the puppy while i looked around for an hour??? Are you kidding me? I wasn't even there for an hour, nor would I EVER let my daughter play with a puppy without me being by her side.

All of your comments lead me to believe that you are full of lies, or you were at the library when some other lady was there with her two children. Because I can assure you that you were NOT there when I was there. That could be confirmed by my older daughter AND all of the ladies that work there, I am sure. It's not like the library is this huge place and i just didn't see you and your five friends.

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So much drama! I was not going to reply and get involved, but I am the mom who was at the library with my daughters. Mr. Attorney man, you say you were there, yet there were no men there at the time I was there. Unless you are really a woman? If so, I encourage you to describe me to prove your point. This dog was not a puppy. In fact, it was an old dog.

"Lunged and snapped" accurately described what this dog did to my baby. My husband was simply on here trying to prevent this to happening to other people. There is SO Much drama on this thread and all of the other posts in this Baldwin forum. It gives me a headache just trying to read some of the posts!

There is no fear of dogs in our family...we just get tired of irresponsible pet owners. Our older daughter has been bit twice on 2 different occasions. Once in the face and once on the hand. Both times, the owners said "oh, our dog is nice and never bites anyone". No one likes to think that their dogs will bite, and rarely do people spend the time necessary training their dogs.

Dogs do not belong in the library - especially if their owners can not control them or when they are as unpredictable as this dog is.

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