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Baldwin City, RWD No. 4 eye cheaper options for water

This is a tough crowd. I thought the purpose of this forum was for all of us to give our opinions not be criticized for spelling, grammatical or typographical errors. This kind of scrutiny will only discourage discussion and makes me wonder if this kind of educational bullying isn't a way in NanCrisp's own words "squelch commentary".

Luckily I am not easily intimidated and will hang on for a while and see where this forum goes. As for NanCrisp-- I will accept your apology but suggest you kindly refrain from trying to humiliate people. You often have interesting points to make but you have lost your audience and your persuasive powers when everyone dislikes you not for your legitimate opinions but for your overbearing style. Just saying........

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Baldwin City, RWD No. 4 eye cheaper options for water

Have you seen today's LJW (Tuesday)? These guys in Lawrence are crazy. While they are hatching a plot to stick us in Baldwin with exorbinant water rates to fund their excesses they are proposing doubling bonuses for Lawrence city employees!!
Unbelievable. I am beginning to appreciate our mayor and city council more and more. We are not the stupid little country folk who don't see what kind of game Lawrence is playing.

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Baldwin City, RWD No. 4 eye cheaper options for water

This is exactly what our mayor should be doing. Keep the pressure on the Corliss and let the powers in Lawrence know that we aren't a bunch of small town mindless stooges who will pay for the years of inefficiencies in Lawrence City Hall. Did they really think we'd just roll over and take this without a fight? Perhaps they will see that we actually have some folks at the helm here in Baldwin and RWD 4 who have a brain and a spine. As a taxpayer in Baldwin I am pleased to see our mayor take a stand and start looking at alternatives. Keep it up!

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low Halloween turnout

I have been reading your posts and I, unlike you don't have a problem with the lack of specifics in the ballots. We are in a town of 3500 + people. I know at least 3 of the council people personally and I know the mayor. I believe they will make reasonable decisions with our tax money. Frankly I don't want to have to have an election every time we need money for some kind of project.

We don't live in a true democracy, we live in representative republic. I elect these people to make decisions. I expect them to make decisions. I will talk to them and give them my view and then watch the decisions they make. If I don't like their decision I will let them know why I disagree.

To me this is the beauty of an election in a small town. Unlike at the state of federal level I can actually influence the elected officials in Baldwin.

What I don't understand is why you think an election every time something needs to be done is an efficient way to run a city?

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low Halloween turnout

"Most parents are taking their kids to Fire Tree where the sidewalks and streetlights are.."

How thought provoking from a voice calling for a drop in the sales tax so we can guarantee there will be no sidewalks and streetlights for the rest of us!

How nice it would be if I could have run out of candy rather than now having to eat it all myself because I have neither sidewalks nor a working streetlight to encourage the little goblins to come to my home.

Vote yes and yes on Tuesday. I want to give my candy away--not eat it.

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new resturant in Baldwin

I am amazed how quick people are to criticize and condemn. This is a new business that is trying to make it in a rotten economy. These folks have made an investment in this community and deserve our encourgement and support. They are trying something new and different in this little town. Perhaps their offering isn't your cup of tea, but openly bashing them on this site is unforgivable.

If you have problems in their restaurant then try to help them out by pointing out your problem. Going on line and anonymously raking them over the coals is not only unproductive but reflects badly on you. Business owners in this town are to be commended for trying to bring goods and services to all of us and having to put up with the small-minded complainers who expect the world but aren't willing to pay for it.

Hang in there Brian and Shawn and all the rest of the staff. Try to not take this stuff too personally (I know it's tough) but also pay attention and try to work on some of the complaints that have been voiced here. There are many out here routing for you and will enjoy the niche you have created.

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