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Harris, Chapman, Christie, Wedel win Baldwin City School Board positions

"..so hopefully this will mean that everyone has some representation on the board."

"representation" and "quality representation" are not always the same thing. Revenge and angry voting often backfires.

Hopefully you now feel safe and snuggly, Lisa and Co.

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Letter to the editor

And he was asked that question by Slade Dillon. Who clearly does not know as much as he thinks he does.

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Letter to the editor

"Some of the candidates at the forum were honest enough to admit they were running because they were afraid there would be cuts to sports."

Lisa, You read and hear only what you want to read and hear and then you put your paranoid spin on it. Not a single candidate said they were running out of fear that sports will be cut. Only the incumbant bothered to do homework to find that sports take up 1% of the entire budget. It is an understatement to say you are grasping at straws.

Regardless of the outcome, I truly wish your children luck in life.

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Such as? I have not read or heard comments by any candidate who advocates what you mention here. Facilities? More sports? Directors? Show some evidence, or are you making this up? There are rural residents with kids who attended outlying schools who advocate for girls' soccer, you know. (and I don't think it's a bad thing, either)

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Rural school families remain skeptical; Baldwin parent group trying to reach out

“It’s just going to be culture shock. I’m afraid for my children and for myself,” Smith said.

Ms. Smith, you are not being forced to send your children to study abroad. Baldwin is just a few miles from you. We do speak English here and have table manners. I don't think you need to be fearful of "culture shock." Teachers and the community will welcome you and your children so stop worrying. Thousands of children have graduated from Baldwin schools and they have done just fine. As Torch writes, your kids would have to come here eventually anyway. Are you saying that you are so "afraid" that you don't want them to come to Baldwin...ever?

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Do you plan to vote on the April 5 election?

Kitty, your post proves my points. If your guys and gal win, I will be the one saying I told you so.

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School board forum answers: Tony Wedel

Sports take up a whopping 1% of the budget

Wedel's comments about technology are scary.

"I take the time to research issues before coming to a decision. A person must fully understand what impact a decision will make before they make it. There are many studies that have been done on education and these studies are tools to help guide a person in the right direction."
This is vague commentary. Still, you should have heeded your own advice before answering the questions, especially #6.

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School board forum answers: Tony Wedel

Tony: get a clue.

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School board forum answers: Sandy Chapman

It's great that we have a woman running, but...please, tell us what you really think. It's not here in print.

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School board forum answers: Robin Bayer

Say what?

I would not vote for Bayer for a variety of reasons (I'm going with Mihesuah), but his thoughtful discussions of Montesquieu and Rousseau are not among them.

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