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City council approves downtown liquor sales

Wonder what made Tony flip flop?

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Election '08

Well, since the election doesn't seem as exciting to everyone else as it is to me, I wonder if I start swearing like a sailor on this thing they will let me change the f**king name or remove it altogether. I have tried to do both but alas to no avail. Is this what it takes to get the "powers that be " to notice and make the Request Changes page actually work?

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Lost Dog

A friend of mine is also missing a dog. A German Shepherd named Stella. She was let out from her home between LeLoup and Wellsville around 8:30am on Sunday and has not returned. She was not wearing her collar at the time. Call 550-1366 if you have any information, my friend is very anxious to find her.

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City ponders change for utility billing cycle

I bet the real reason for switching the due date is so they can increase revenue from all of the additional late fees.

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Election '08

I generally do not start threads, postings, or blogs but I thought SpeakOut has been so boring lately that perhaps politics could stir things up a bit. I suppose if I ever want to start a different topic I could just create another blog, but thanks for the tip Maple Leaf. However, my interest for the next several months will largely be focused on the Presidential election. So... back to the original topic. I thought Joe Biden seemed the most practical of all the candidates when he talked about his plans for the country's future. Now that he is out of the race, I guess I'm leaning towards Obama. Since the last several elections were more about personality than anything else he seems to have the edge in that respect. I like the idea of a viable female candidate but I don't particularly want to go back to the Clinton era or have our history books read Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Bush, Clinton - it seems a bit ridiculous. McCain seems like the only tolerable Republican candidate to me at this point. Basically, I'm an Independent and have yet to be passionately swayed by any particular candidate. With the Kansas caucus coming up, anyone care to make a plea as to why I should vote for their candidate?

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What's got you good and steamed today in Baldwin City?

I think it will look nice once it is all done, I was just wondering how long I will need to dodge contruction workers and equipment while I'm out walking my dogs. I guess as long as the construction isn't considered a "public event" threatening me with fines, jail time, and the soul of my first born I should be safe. :)

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Is anybody out there?

Oh where, oh where have all the speak out users gone? We need Tony to post something controversial to get things going again! I miss my usual lunch hour entertainment. :)

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What's got you good and steamed today in Baldwin City?

Anyone know when the downtown renovation is supposed to be done?

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For Sale

Mbutterfly for sale for the low, low price of $14.95. Hurry while supplies last!

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Not quite the same, is it?

I agree it takes some time to get used to it, but I really like the new look of the whole site. It looks so much more professional than the old one. :)

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