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Lawmakers learn about Fort Leavenworth's impact during visit

Worked at Fort Leavenworth right next to the NSC for 14 loving life in Orlando.

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BHS boys basketball coaches resign together

The community has no idea what it just lost.

Mr. Toot logged so many hours working with kids to get better and never got paid a dime to do it. Whoever they find to replace him will have big shoes to fill, and I'm guessing they won't spend the time to improve the team like he did.d

I left Baldwin 5 years ago and my kids moved into a 5A school system. I fully expected the move up to involve the same (or better) level of coaching as I got in Baldwin. Boy was I wrong.

The coaches from Junior High through the High School level were laughable. Zuzzio, Toot, Martin, and the Spielman's are top-notch college-level coaches. You don't just go out and find them everywhere.

Mr. Toot would open the gym to let people practice. He would run from game to game and watch with great interest the freshmen and JV squads. The coach at our 5A school would sit in the crowd and BS with other students while they played. Mr. Toot studied film of the games, meticulously kept track of stats, scouted other teams, and pushed his players to achieve.

Good luck finding a replacement. The number of un-paid hours he put in will be hard to replace. In fact, the district probably owes him at least $10,000 for the time he worked just for the sake of improving players and himself.

Sometimes it's not the coaches. Sometimes it's the talent. But that's always hard for parents to get.

Thanks Eric. My children played for you and none of us will ever forget what you did for us.

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