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Baldwin City man has 32 years experience spreading Santa's message

32 what? Days, weeks, months, minutes?

We miss you Jimmy!

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Baldwin High School senior ready for the big city

When it said 'Big City' I thought they meant Lawrence, since the vast majority of our population acts as though they've never left the city limits.

Good luck in your endeavors Ms. Weiss.

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Baldwin school board moves to refinance bond debt

It's for the kids!

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Two Democrats to represent Baldwin City in Kansas Legislature

Yeah, over half the income tax collected by the state goes to education now. Why not more?

Between that and the fact that many middle-class families are spending up to 25 percent of their disposable income paying back student loans means we can enslave an entire generation just by continuing to propagate the fraud that is higher education. Ok, well, if you didn't borrow to send your child to school then you took money out of YOUR retirement - even better.

Let's not forget the raising of tuition every single year at two to three times the rate of inflation...all the while smiling and saying that a Humanities degree is worth every dime.

The Education Industry needs to be reigned in...because the next bubble is going to be student loans. Instead, we drink the same old Kool Aid and let the Univer$ities take us to the cleaners.

Did any of you know that KU charges full tuition for some lower-level classes that are being taught by students who don't even have a bachelor's yet? I don't mean taught by grad students. I mean high school-diploma bearing instructors @ $300 a credit-hour.

No...throwing more money at education is definitely the right answer. Don't hold them accountable. Don't make them streamline. That's for stupid private-sector people.

The War on Poverty began almost 40 years ago. We've poured billions and billions down that sink hole. How's that working out?

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Brown, Holland vie for District 3 Kansas Senate seat

I love election season!

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Be smart when giving to diaster relief

I donated: I paid my Federal Income Tax.

And I'm going to donate again when my insurance rates go up.

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Douglas County Arts Caravan on the move

There are a number of reasons for declining property values, not the least of which is the tax burden levied on the residents. Why would someone want to move to a town strapped with debt?

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Saturday beer gardens new this year to Baldwin City fesival

I think this is a good thing. It shows that Baldwin is finally about to reach 1980 in its development.

1. Oktoberfest is over. It starts in September.
2. It's amusing to read all these caveats in place. Police manning, can't have wine, can't this, can't that, closed Sunday. Why are they closed Sunday? Religious reasons again?
3. We're about 75 years away from this in Baldwin but there are actually places in the US right now where you can walk around with an open container during events like this. In fact, there are places where you can walk with an open container any time you want.

In any case, I can't wait to hear the shock and alarm from people about adults having a beer on a Saturday afternoon.

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Baldwin school board sets date for BJHS auditorium public info meeting

Awww, just spend the money. Who cares? Our grand children are the ones who will be paying it off.

$600k is a 'drop in the bucket' so no one will even notice.

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