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Missing Olathe woman last seen at Ottawa triple-homicide scene

Interesting that this account of events tactfully leaves out the fact that the officers came out on the first call, found no one home, and the area 'smelled like rotting trash.' They left.

Not sure what to think of that. I've never smelled a rotting corpse so I have no idea what that's like. I also have no idea what kind of shape this house is in. But in other accounts a woman called police because she went to the home and detected the foul smell. This was a lifelong friend of one of the potential victims who was worried that she hadn't seen her.

Seems like that adds up to more than just trash on the property. But I guess that's why I'm not in law enforcement.

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Baldwin school board sells closed Marion Springs Elementary

Agreed. Not sure what it could be used for, but $90k for that facility is pretty cheap.

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Baldwin girls season ends one game short of state

Great season!

Baldwin has had some really good girls teams over the last 10 years...sadly they've never been able to get past the sub-state championship. Most of these teams were built around a dogged defense.

But you've got to have scorers - even Emily Brown struggled sometimes. I think Bob is a solid coach, and if you look at this team from top-to-bottom there aren't many shooters.

In any case, there are a lot of teams out there who never make it to the sub-state championship, and considering the team we're fielding it's pretty impressive that they made it.

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Baldwin board approves iPad purchase

For a generation who grew up on electronic devices I'm sure this is a great move. For my part I could never read or study on a 7 inch screen.

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Three listless quarters cost Baldwin in sub-state opener

Congratulations on a fine season.

This article is very poorly written.

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Digital decision

Curious if you believe that it's the responsibility of parents or the district to keep them 'out front'. I'm not being confrontational...just curious. Do you think it's the collective responsibility of the community to provide technology to students? Or do you think their responsibility lies in teaching them? Taking notes on iPads is simply easier than a notepad, but the results are the same are they not?

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Board, teachers agree to contract

Well, I'm glad the 'Teaches' agreed to a contract.

Seriously...this is the second time in three weeks that you guys can't post a headline without jacking up the spelling.

Get a grip.

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Baldwin school board to receive recommendation on BJHS auditorium reuse

You could have posted this in 2008 and you would have been just as correct.

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Baldwin's Valentine taking skills to K-State

Yes...I remember those signings now that you mention them. Would be nice if the story writer would fill in the gaps in the article though. Thanks.

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Baldwin's Valentine taking skills to K-State

Is this our first Division I football signing in a while? Not sure when the last time was that we had a D1 signing in football or basketball (either boy or girl.) I know Emily Brown was D1 Volleyball, and we had the runner who went to Boston College a while back...but don't remember any boys in either of these two sports.

I remember way back when they started the Junior High football program that some scout from a big school said we would never have a D1 football player without a junior high football program. Took a while (unless I missed another signing) but we got one!

In any case - WELL DONE!!!!

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