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BHS principal, boys basketball head coach hired

Torch, have you ever in your miserable life, awakened to a day in which you were NOT plagued by constipation, ED, heartburn, nervous twitches, paranoid delusions, and lethal halitosis?

Perhaps if your doctors could find just the right medications, you would no longer have so much grief to unleash on others. Wishing you better health and every happiness in the coming days.

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Be careful, or the big, tough "former marine" will sic his "2 80+" pitbulls on you (roll of eyes)--not to mention, cuss you out, fart, and stomp his combat boots in your general direction.

Yes, your comments carry a much stronger ring of truth to this unbiased reader.

Wonder what the law says about someone openly threatening someone with pitbulls (even imaginary penis-compensatory ones).

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Kansas Highway Patrol investigates whether drugs contributed to double-fatality Saturday afternoon on K-10

I'm concerned about what drugs Spiderpig should be taking but forgot this morning. Angry & out-of-line much? BaldwinDad's comments were in no way minimizing the tragedy, defending marijuana use, or anything else you have gone off the deep end saying, SP.

"Scumbag?" "...need(s) to reevaluate (his) life?

Simply because he stated (probably correctly!) that the other drugs in the guy's system (both of which, as I understand, are a lot more powerful than pot) may have had just as much to do with impairing his motor skills?

BD was simply making an observation about how the media handles coverage of this sort of news story. Agree or disagree with his point, there's no sane reason to go nuts the way you did. How bizarre.

Dude! Spend some money on therapy and find out what's eating you.

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That is too funny! Maybe he lives in the truck--to protest the high price of real estate. Maybe he parks it in people's driveways at night and sprays himself down at the carwash in lieu of a shower--all the while complaining about the high price of washing his truck and his armpits. ;-)

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Way to stay on topic! They have meds for that, you know.

I responded on one point and one point alone.

I was agreeing with Bloggerboo on the point that, despite the howls and whines of Grinderman and Notwhatyouthink, these procedures do NOT call for power to be shut off for hours at a time. In fact, if you read Mr Culley's post, you would know that the power plant superintendent (and I will quote him here) does "NOT anticipate any interruption of service."

Apparently, Notwhatyouthink did not take the time to read Mr Culley's informative post, as he chimed in LATER with the irrelevant comment that, "Second if we were part of a real power company we would not be an isolated grid where the city would have to be shut down." (Um...Notwhat....? The city doesn't have to "be shut down." Mr. Culley just told you that. Stop hyperventilating now, okay?)

Again, ksrush~ I did not comment on the electric rates. I did not comment on the structuring of the utilities. I did not comment on ANYTHING but the clarification on electricity NOT being shut down for the procedures that are taking place on April 6 and 12.

Thus, the question of wealth or ennui really does not pertain.

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Yes, Bloggerboo--that's exactly what I read, too. But when has an argumentative blowhard or trouble stirrer ever allowed the facts to get in the way of a good rant?

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it's a sad day when someone steals the mannequin legs out of your front yard.

I would love to have neighbors who had enough of a sense of humor to put mannequin legs in their front yard! ;-)

Long live individualism. And down with thieves!

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it's a sad day when someone steals the mannequin legs out of your front yard.

Be sure to get the word out--post flyers, write a LTE (for those who don't read the online version of the paper)... Tell all your friends. You're probably right about it being kids--and maybe if some parents read about your loss, then see their kid and his/her friends goofing around with the legs, they (the parents) might make the kids do the right thing and return them--or drop them off at the cop shop.

I remember that Walt Bailey got his stolen rare plant back after writing a LTE and making sure everybody knew about the theft. It just showed up on his property again over night. Either the thief felt guilty or someone (friend, parent) threatened to turn the thief in if s/he didn't return it. Maybe the same will happen for you. Good luck!

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Young Lawrence artists learn old art to help build gate for Black Jack site

This is totally cool. It's wonderful seeing another generation learning a traditional skill.

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Baldwin High School wins state’s design challenge for third consecutive year

This team rocks! Congratulations to all of you--including parents, teachers, & various mentors & supporters. Have a great time at the Nationals & always follow your dreams.

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