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Terri Lois: Just Bad for the Environment

sore loser. your a joke

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Terri Lois: Just Bad for the Environment

ohhhh, I'm so offended. your kind make me sick. do you realize that you and sawman and a couple others are the only ones that even post on here any more? and yes, I know that I am not using capital letters.. I would like to hear the messages, print them or what ever you want to do. Your and sawman are a joke. Do you know that people talk about you and make fun of your posts? get a clue, get a life and get over yourselves. so if you could see my hand I'd be giving you the middle finger wave.

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Terri Lois: Just Bad for the Environment

So you are saying that the people who back TerriLois Gregory are NOT hghly regarded? That's alot of people that you are bashing. And as a mater of fact you are talking about me and I take a personal offense to that statement. So you are basicilly saying that the people who have Tony Brown signs in their yard are better? Your an idiot...and obviously a Tony Brown supporter. Fine, vote for who ever you want to. I've received flyers from both Tony and Terri, both stating why you should vote for them and others that are bashing the other person...and if you read the fine print down at the bottom it is not coming directly from them. The first flyer I received was from Tony Brown saying lies about Terri Lois.
And to TheOnlyGreyghost; do you have a Barbie doll fixation? And calling the people who believe in her campaign 'crazed followers' is just down right idiotic. IF there were messages left on Tony's home phone, which I really doubt there was, I'd like to hear them. Give me proof. I don't know how you can say she is an ugly person, inside and out and a craven little coward without even knowing the woman. I think your looking in the mirror when you made these particular statements. YOU are a very ugly and hateful person.
And people, get real.There are alot of people who go by both their names, ie: Mary Elizabeth, Tammy Sue, Buddy Ray and yes Terri Lois. There is nothing wrong with having two names...get over yourselves.

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State Rep. Race

I happen to know TerriLois Gregory personally. Here is a part of her bio that she has on her web site: In 2004, TerriLois met a candidate for Kansas House of Representatives who had values much closer to her own than the current Representative. She volunteered with his campaign and helped a virtual unknown candidate unseat a 10 year incumbent. The new Rep. Mike Kiegerl hired her as an independent contractor to be his Legislative Aide, a capacity she has filled for the past 6 years. This position enabled her to learn the legislative process, become familiar with Senate & House members and leadership, assist with legislative research, and help resolve constituent’s problems with state agencies. She has the time, talent, and values to represent the people of District 10.
Disappointed in her representation in Topeka, TerriLois filed for the District 10 State Representative seat in January, 2010. As to a fiscal policy position, she feels Kansas should live within their means, not tax more and spend more. Kansas must develop a friendlier business environment and let free enterprise grow our economy if we are to have jobs for our citizens and graduates. She has advocated for a lower tax burden on Kansas businesses and citizens. She will stand strong for those most defenseless in our communities, work to eliminate the waiting list for disabled children, and protect families. She will uphold in her votes the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, and the 10th Amendment state sovereignty in defense to unconstitutional federal mandates. She will work to improve education.
Now, GruyereEmmentaler you say : "it is clear that she does not have any real attachment to our community. There are numerous way for her in which a person can get involved with this community: city council, local school board, local events such as Maple Leaf, etc"......
She is involved as she states in her Bio: TerriLois lives in Baldwin City and is a member of the New Life Assembly of God Church. She enjoys volunteering her time with school children, Rotary, Kiwanis, Optimist, and BPW clubs. Just because she does not serve on the Arts council, Maple Leaf festival board or what ever else you suggest does not mean that she is not 'attached' to our town. You also state: " I do not believe that she is a resident who has made her home here and established her life in this community. Instead I think she is a political opportunist who has come here to challenge a newly incumbent Democrat in a year in which Democrats are vulnerable."
I want you to know that she IS a resident of Baldwin City and has been for many years. I personally have lived in Baldwin city for 50 years and I don't even know everyone! So don't assume that she is NOT a resident just because you don't know her or have not heard of her.

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