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My question...BaldwinDad is since when is a private school sooooo much better than a public education?? Students at Baldwin get a great education if they choose to seek it out. Over half of the Baldwin High staff has Masters Degrees, I think. There would probably be more but teachers get something like $200/year for schooling (which wouldn't even buy a book) and they have had salaries frozen for 3 or so years.

The attitude in this country is that it's everyone else's fault. It's not my kid's fault or my fault that my child is failing, it is the school's fault. I mean, what if Baldwin closes down it's public school and opens up Baldwin Engineering and Art Charter School.....is it better because the name changed??

I would just like to know how the school system is failing students? You do realize that students fail at private and charter schools as well, right?

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BHS baseball crushes Kaws to end senior night

I love the positive attitude Bloggerboo. This team had what 5 or so four-year starters? And, I believe 6 or 7 of the top players were seniors. So, a team that finished 7-13....which I think was worse than last year or the same record, is graduating the core of the varsity team, and the JV team (to put it bluntly) was awful this year is a step in the right direction?? I'm not saying they won't get better but they might only win 6-8 games next year and that would take a heck of a coaching job. If Coach Turk doesn't win 10 or more games in the next season or two I guarantee the parents who love him now will turn on him....that's just the MO of Baldwin City.

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BHS boys basketball coaches resign together

I understand that, but the parents that ran the previous coach out claimed that the players were WAY more talented than the record showed over the past few years. This is not about developing players or creating a program. I totally agree that it takes time to do those things, but the SENIOR parents wanted Coach Hartshorn gone because they felt the coach was not utilizing the talent he had. All I'm saying is that these parents THINK their kids are way more talented than they really are. A coach, in a baseball game can maybe account for 1-2, 3 runs at the most not 15 runs which is what they lost by last night.

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BHS boys basketball coaches resign together

Needed to add, if you're talking about bad coaching we need to blame Rec coaches, and summer league coaches as well. The HS baseball coach has 2 1/2 months with them to develop them.

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BHS boys basketball coaches resign together

The basketball coaches came right in and took the team to the brink of a state berth their first year on the job. There was no problem adjusting to the new coach and system and in baseball, the fact of the matter is....you are either better or you or not. There is very little a coach can do during a game to make a difference. So, if the new baseball coach is not successful in a few years will this town turn on him and run him out of town just like has been done in the past?? There are numerous seniors on this team that have been playing varsity for 3 years. The excuse of transition is moot for this team. Aren't they all all-stars....I mean, people don't let Lebron, Wayde, and Bosh use the excuse of transitioning. If you're good, you're good (period)

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BHS boys basketball coaches resign together

It's a good thing the baseball coach was run out of town. The team (with all the untapped talent) was run ruled in both games last night to a little better than average DeSoto team. I do not root against Baldwin players/teams, but OBVIOUSLY it's not the coach. It's called a lack of talent but parents cannot admit that to themselves.

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BHS boys basketball coaches resign together

Agreed completely with you Torch. I know for a fact that Coach Toot had his tires slashed, his mailbox bashed in, his parents mailbox bashed in, and inappropriate text messages sent to him. Now, these could have been related to teaching but Coach Toot has taught in Baldwin for over 15 years and I don't think these things ever occurred before coaching boys basketball. Knowing this town and its parents I would not be surprised at all if it was an adult and not teenagers.

Life is too short to deal with that kind of crap for little to no monetary or emotional reward.

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