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Letter to the editor

Mr. Gammage,

I don’t believe we have met or talked, but as one of ten candidates whose honesty is questioned in your letter to editor, I feel inclined to respond. I was one, of several, who responded the “decision has been made it is time to move on”. From an operational perspective, an incoming board candidate, seated in July, cannot change this decision. The administration and current board are working on next year’s budget. Their path to bridge the funding cuts from the Legislature is through the anticipated savings from the school consolidations. Additionally, as I look forward, the new Board will have many other challenges to immediately work on, some of which you mentioned. Before we can start to navigate or jump to conclusions on how to navigate future issues, we need to figure out where we are now as a district academically and financially and provide the understanding to the community. Once we know where we truly are, we can start making short-term and long-term plans to allocate resources to address needs and position to navigate future legislative changes.

I also answered let’s move forward because as a community, we need to get over this. We need to stop bringing it up, taking sides and keeping the community divided. At this point it doesn’t matter what “side” one was on – let’s shake hands, agree to disagree and support making USD 348 great. The more people continue to make an issue out of this, the more issues we will have. Instead, we need to get focused on making this work, retaining our students, improving student achievement, and navigating the ever changing political and economic environment.

As always, my phone (785-883-4993 or 913-709-7568), door (637 E. 2100 Road) and email ( are open to any that would like to discuss issues, have questions or concerns.

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School board forum answers: Sandy Chapman

Dear Abttoretire, I am happy to answer your questions or concerns. Please call me at 913-709-7568 (mobile) or 785-883-4993 (home). Email is also fine at

Thanks - Sandy

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