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Baldwin City police officer back on the job after mission in Afghanistan

Won't seem like overkill if you ever need them. :-)

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Baldwin City mayor says FEMA grant details make city role in community shelter at PAC difficult

Thank you for finding and posting that article, Bloggerboo. I did make an effort to find something of that nature before posting here but my google search did not turn up that article. I am all but certain there were other articles (previously) where they emphasized the "community shelter" aspect of the building as a carrot on a stick for the voters--but I couldn't turn up those articles either. Maybe you could help with that, as you seem to be a good researcher.

The article you found does lessen their culpability somewhat and I'm relieved that they did say something about it publicly--but I still think they had an obligation to make more noise about it!

Obviously, I wasn't the only one who didn't see that one article in January. My missing it just led to a little (more) anger toward all those who should have alerted the community. But for others, missing it led to them putting their families in great danger out in the open, trusting that all the previous hype over the building was true.

Anyway--thanks again for bringing the article to light. It does mitigate things a little for me--but my opinion really is meaningless. If those families had died in the storm because they had missed the ONE article that refuted a few YEARS' worth of fanfare over the building's use, it would have a senseless and avoidable loss!

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Baldwin City mayor says FEMA grant details make city role in community shelter at PAC difficult

Bloggerboo, they (city and school district alike) openly touted the safety-shelter features of the storm and indicated, more than once, in the newspapers, that it would be used this way. It actually WAS used this way--not during school hours--shortly after it opened. This reinforced public opinion that it was the go-to place during tornado weather.

Gathering from comments these clowns have made after the Feb fiasco, it's obvious that they did learn sometime between that one-time storm use and this February, that they would NOT be able to open the building to the public after school hours.

That is the crux of their culpability. They told people it would be used that way. They learned it couldn't. They FAILED to correct public opinion by telling the townspeople that they had finally read the fine print. That failure put people's lives in danger. It's that simple.

They should have come forward and said "We misinterpreted the rules on this--we're sorry, but the building can't be opened for shelter when school isn't in session." People would have been angry but they would have known to find alternate shelter. Honesty and openness--quaint concepts.

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Baldwin City mayor says FEMA grant details make city role in community shelter at PAC difficult

Your defense of Mr Dorathy ignores several factors. And I didn't single him out for blame--there's a lot of that to go around.

When did they know (Dorathy, Wagner, the school board, the city council) that people would get locked out of the shelter if they showed up? They should have made the same fanfare that they made when they were bragging about the building's safety features. After setting the town up to think the shelter was "open for business" during storms, how could they possibly think they shouldn't correct that opinion when they KNEW that no one was going to unlock the building during the next storm?

As soon as they knew there was a problem with FEMA regulations, or whatever the excuse, ANY of them could have called news outlets and made sure the public knew their lives would be in danger if they fled to the shelter for a tornado warning. NONE of them did so.

Not one person who knew bothered to call the newspapers or send a bulletin to local residents, or post this information ANYWHERE. Not Dorathy, not Wagner, no one in the know bothered to let people know.

Mr D can continue to think the so-called shelter is "very cool" and he can "like for people to be able to use it" all he wants--but when he knew there was a problem with that, he should have made some noise about it. It is an ethical failure that he didn't.

Was he waiting for Wagner to do it? Was Wagner waiting for him? Or did they just bury their heads in the sand and think "it will never happen here"? What a pair of schmucks. I have a feeling you wouldn't be defending any of them if people had been killed the other night. I also have a feeling that you don't know any of those traumatized people.

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Baldwin City mayor says FEMA grant details make city role in community shelter at PAC difficult

Backpedaling. They sure have changed their tune.

And somebody better tell City Hall to update their facebook page.

When Mr. Dorathy was boasting all over the place about how many people the center could keep safe from a tornado, that might have been the time to add, "not that we'll let anyone in there unless those 1,800 just happen to be there anyway during school hours...and a tornado just happens to strike right then." But he didn't think of saying that. That wouldn't have sounded so grand in a press release.

Between the city and the school leaders, everyone in this town was led to think they could use the center in times of dire need. For those living in trailers or without shelters, dire need is when those sirens are blowing and their children are looking to them to keep them safe.

Do you mean to tell me that covering your asses (let's call "liability issues" what it really is, shall we, Mr. Wagner?) is more important than designating someone to be on hand to save lives if it comes down to that?

If a tornado had ripped through here on the night of the 28th, would you, Mr. Wagner, and you, Mr. Dorathy, and all the rest of you henny pennies "in charge" around here have helped collect the scattered body parts as you heaved a sigh of relief that at least the city wouldn't get sued?

Come on here and answer that question. I'm waiting.

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