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Mexican restaurant to open in downtown Baldwin City

Good by McDonald's hello beans and cheese.. Taco Bell and the Baldwin Dinner sell the same thing!! Three Beans and cheese restaurants in little bitty Baldwin town But this place will be different watered down made in a five gallon bucket Margaritas Health inspector will be so Happy, Those poor Collage kids Montezuma's revenge, or worse. it's a longe drive to the Hosapital. if it is in the day time Baldwin has a great Dr.

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plane trains and automobiles cancelled?

this town better start getting behind the down town or it will be a ghost town

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Say goodbye to McDonalds.

whats next to come is not very uplifting to most, what if the ace hardware was to close?
what if the city moves to slow to help the down town businesses and all we have down town is a bank a post office ( might get closed soon), and a few insurance offices a place to get your hair cut get cable service buy a t-shirt have a coffee get your pants or suit fitted perfectly pay your city bills, and of course go to the library? Micky D's gone wow pizza down town gone WOW! yes Chinese no Chinese every one needs a Chinese buffet fix,? Moni's mmm real food and fun, but closed for the summer no food down town, and the city is going to even think about paying out $25,000,00 to help a train restaurant and bar get here?? really , spend the money to help the down town !! I bet all the food restaurant and bars that are here now would like the city to help them with that same amount of money, most restaurants in town have spent $100,000.00 to $300,000.00 already to be hear I am sure Micky D's spent even more. City managers and Elders help them with that money at least every one in town can afford a meal or a lunch at Micky D's and all the other places that are already here.. Not on that train at $40.00 to $60.00 a plate wake up get real Rome is burning all around you and the train company and it's five investors can't even pay to get them self here debt free with there bank loan paid off give me a break Mayor stop the madness, Ace hardware we need!! a train to know were selling big priced foods and booze we might like but like every one El's in this city if you can't afford to do it then wait till you can but you never will. Mayor Please don't asking the poor citizens of Baldwin City to give them $25,000.00, Thats what Banks are for Or investores?? ridiculous. WAKE UP.

I wonder what will happen to the future of the Maple leaf festival? come on down to Baldwin city the ghost town , walk around and buy some stuff that other people made in other towns and brought to the good people of Baldwin to buy because if you have no car you cant buy any clothes in this town or shoes , yes with no restaurants they will get to eat the festival food. In stead of every one leaving town because of the big crowds they will stay and go shopping at all the little booths soon less and less people will come to the festival and like the plains trains and automobile for 2012 it will also be cancelled

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