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Dingman resigning, accepting position in Fort Smith, Ark.

Jeff and Janel,

Congratulations to both of you on these new opportunties in Arkansas! Thanks for your dedicated service to the Baldwin City community over the last 8 years. Godspeed and best of luck to you in the future.

Tony Brown

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Baldwin High RWDC team finished third at nationals

Way to go Real World Design Challenge team members! We are so proud of your efforts! Thanks for representing Baldwin City so well.

Tony Brown

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City council designates Wednesday as Ted Brecheisen Day

Congratulations Ted! This recognition is very well deserved. Thanks for your tireless service to the Baldwin City community.

Tony Brown

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Larger class sizes still focus of USD 348 school closing critics

Torch, you exhaust me. If you meant to be fair and balanced in your presentation of the information from the link you posted, you would not have only presented the negative aspects of reducing class size. I looked at your link and your representation of it was clearly biased to support your viewpoint. That doesn't seem very intellectually honest to me.

I know you don't like me and that's fine; I'm not very fond of you either. But this issue seems to be one that has some empirical evidence related to it -- data that is as close to objective as we can get. I've actually looked at those studies and tried to evaluate their findings based on my academic training. I believe the findings are valid.

You don't seem to want to talk about those studies, but rather what a jerk I am. No matter what you think of me, which clearly isn't much, personal attacks are a poor way to set public policy.

You believe your personal experience is more representative of education reality in the larger public arena than educational research. I prefer data from research studies over your or any other person's indvidual experiences, including my own. That is a fundamental difference between our world views that will not be resolved.

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Larger class sizes still focus of USD 348 school closing critics

This is your response? This is your empirical evidence that class size has no effect on the education of students?

Let me make it easier on you, Torch. I concede class size is not the "silver bullet" to all our education challenges. Good teachers, adequate facilites and funding, and other factors your website article doesn't mention contribute to the quality of education students receive. To be clear, I'm not making the case that reducing class size will fix everything that may be wrong with our current educational system.

But I am saying that class size has been demonstrated with empirical data to be a significant factor in student learning, especially in the early grades. I think the evidence is fairly clear on this particular point. If you disagree, tell me where the methodology, data analysis, or conclusions of those studies are wrong. A case study from California about how reduction of class sizes without adequate support for these changes does not refute the findings from a long line of educational studies.

If you really want to debate this point, then do so. But don't insult the intelligence of those of us on this thread by refusing to address the issue at hand. You are a self-professed smart person. So answer this question: What are the flaws in the many class size studies that make the conclusion they reach invalid?

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Mock, Weege, Starkey win positions on Baldwin City Council

Congratulations to all the candidates on a good and civil campaign season. Your willingness to speak out for what you believe is best for the Baldwin City community is worthy of recognition. Thanks for stepping up.

Best of luck to the new members of the city council in addressing the challenges ahead. We hope that sound judgment and rational thought guide you in future decisions.

Tony Brown

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Harris, Chapman, Christie, Wedel win Baldwin City School Board positions

Congratulations to the candidates who were elected this evening. You have great challenges ahead of you and we wish you the best of luck in addressing them.

Thank you to all the candidates for your willingness to serve. Win or lose, you all have demonstrated a strong commitment to your community and that is laudable.

Tony Brown

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Larger class sizes still focus of USD 348 school closing critics

I sincerely thought Bakerboy was trying to be funny.

And now I have a riddle for you: How many personal anecdotes does it take to make a scientific finding?

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Wellness Festival to offer screenings, prizes Saturday morning

Thanks to Ruth Sarna, and Baker and BC staff members for their hard work organizing the community wellness fair. This was an absolutely great event!

Tony Brown

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Larger class sizes still focus of USD 348 school closing critics

Bakerboy, you make the point regarding class size quite eloquently. Thank you for the pitch perfect irony of your post.

Tony Brown

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