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Baldwin City Council agenda for July 1


Yes, indeed, 1/3 + 2/3 = 1. Good math - unless you need a plurality.

Here's a simple thought experiment: Ninety-nine (99) people vote in an election and Candidate A receives 1/3 of the votes, a total of 33. The other 66 votes are split unequally between Candidates B and C. Candidate A wins the election. How is this possible?

I actually agree with you that Mayor Pearse did not receive a mandate in the last election, but you don't strengthen your case by doubling down on your casual estimates of vote totals that were way off the actual results. Just stick with the numbers -- 42% is less than 50%. This is clearly not a majority, but it was enough to win the last election.

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Baldwin City Council agenda for July 1


Thank you for listing the vote total for the last mayoral election, as your initial assertion that Mayor Pearse won 1/3 of the total vote, while the other two candidate won 2/3 of the total vote is mathematically impossible.

In the last election cycle, Ms. Pearse received 240 of a possible 569 votes, or 42% of the total vote (rounded). Mr. Mock received 40% of the total vote, while Ms. Plumberg received 18% of the total vote (both figures rounded).

If you are going to post with assertion that "these are the facts," please do so with accurate information.

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Harris family to have benefit run for Boston Marathon bombing victims

Kit and Sarah,

Thank you for organizing this event. The Baldwin City community is lucky to have you and your family in it, and we are so thankful to have you home safe and sound. See you on Saturday.

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Baldwin Police Department to agressively enforce seat belt laws around Memorial Day


This article is interesting .. and totally fallacious. There are hundreds of studies that demonstrate the benefits of safety belts. The fact that many drivers still choose to ignore this evidence does not invalidate it, but rather demonstrates that they prefer to make decisions based on preconceived beliefs and biases. I fully support the exercise of their own personal liberty, but not when their actions increase insurance costs for all other drivers or endanger the lives of children who are in their care. In at least these two instances, their decisions affect persons beyond themselves, and I believe that is a legitimate concern.

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Ladies' night

This analysis is not entirely accurate. Because each voter was allowed to cast a vote for two candidates running for city council, it is not appropriate to assume that votes for other candidates were votes against an individual candidate.

If we assume that everyone who showed up at the polls voted for one of the mayoral candidates, then there were a total of 556 Baldwin City citizens voting in the election. Of those 556 potential voters, Kathy Gerstner received 408 votes, or 73.4% of the total vote. Likewise, Christi Darnell's 329 total votes translate to 59.2% of the total vote.

I would contend that a majority of voters did, in fact, vote for Kathy and Christi, and although it may not be a mandate, it is certainly a sign of confidence in these two community members and the leadership they offer.

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Baker University pastor knows ministry requires different approach

Ira DeSpain is one of the finest persons I have known in my life. I am proud he considers me to be among his friends. Baker University and the Baldwin community are extremely fortunate to have his compassionate heart and steady reason among us. He is, unfortunately, a Cubs' fan, but that may be his only flaw.

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Mediacom has done it again !


With all respect that may be due to you, I do not know the bumper sticker to which you are referring. I have had several on my cars over the past few years.

Please inform the readers of this blog the issue you wish to raise against me. I will be happy to respond to you and other readers when I know what your concern is.

Tony Brown

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Mediacom has done it again !

Does Charles Doudna have a bumper sticker? I'd like to get one.

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Mediacom has done it again !

Where IS the story about Rev. Charles Doudna?

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Dingman resigning, accepting position in Fort Smith, Ark.

Again, thank you for your service, Jeff. We appreciate your hard work on behalf of Baldwin City.

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