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State Rep. Race

I for one don't know a lot about Terri Lois Gregory and I intend to learn more about her. I met her once and she came across as a warm person. The times I've talked with Mr. Brown he's come across as intelligent, well spoken, but cold. To me he seems personable, but also a bit arrogant and insincere.

It's true that Tony does go to events all over Baldwin. He's always to be seen at things like the Bash, art walks, happy hours at the local restaurants, and all cultural events. He really IS a part of this community, but I also get the impression he isn't entirely comfortable with it.

I wonder if Tony Brown really wants to be here, or if Baldwin is just a stepping stone toward a goal of living and working in Washington? First city government, then state, and then congress is a logical progression for many politicians and Tony seems like a classic politician. I would prefer a person with roots in Kansas and not someone who is just living in the sticks to pay his dues.

Someone on here has called Ms. Gregory "insincere and disingenuous", another has personally attacked her as an "ignorant bigot". I prefer we leave off the personal attacks and name calling and stick to the facts we can learn and observe.

Speaking of facts - here's one many of you can remember, although there are those who would rather we forget it. We all have gotten used to seeing Tony driving town in his little red jeep. How many of you remember the little yellow bumper sticker he had on that car? It read: "KANSAS - AS BIGOTED AS YOU THINK". Certainly you remember it - it was there for months.

If that's how Tony Brown views Kansas, it speaks all I need to know. Don't bother looking for the sticker now. He removed it, shortly before he ran for the legislature.

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