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Hammering down

It seems there is no limit to the depths of atrocious journalism these days. "...talking with those who had went through the program..." Seriously? A college-educated journalist would put such an egregious grammarical error into print? Shame on the writer, and a plague on the editor!

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Council envisions elite bedroom community, business park in Baldwin City's future

Did you cite the most unsuccessful business park within a 50-mile radius on purpose, hyperinflate?

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This looks like a lack of knowledge rather than a lack of morals or ethics. All this is very interesting. Almost every small community in this area has a citywide garage sale sometime in the spring or early summer. I wonder if all of these events are planned, coordinated, "paid for" (which I assume means someone is buying some kind of media advertising) and staged by the local library? Or maybe some other nonprofit agency?

Although I've known the Baldwin event is connected to the library, I've never thought about whether all these citywide garage sales all over the place have been originated by nonprofit groups.

So I guess none of these communities just got their heads together and decided to promote a single day for mass garage sales. Nevermind that in larger cities, such as Olathe and Lawrence, blocks or subdivisions do the same thing to try to get a better customer turn-out. It's well-known that mass garage sales bring more customers than single-family events. But I just never knew that the Friends of the Baldwin Library invented this concept.

Hey, everybody. Just give the Friends a $5 bill. It doesn't have to be about the garage sale. And if you don't feel welcome at the citywide because you're a scammer or cheater, then get your neighbors together and have a big community-wide garage sale some other time. Market analysis shows that earlier in the spring will probably get you better traffic anyway. June is actually at the tail end of the peak garage-sale season.

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Engineering design contract spurs debate on no-bid contracts

Wade on in, greyghost. Don't be shy.

Obvs, this unnecessary project was created to drum up work for specific folks.
So, hmmmmmmm ... there will be elections upcoming.

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Baldwin superintendent presents plan to open shelter to residents

+1 BaldwinDad.
The misunderstanding or willful blindness of the source of FEMA funds (and any and all other "government" money) is one of the greatest travesties of American ignorance.

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Baldwin City Council members suggest City Hall top floor remodel

The library being a City building, it seems natural that the meetings would regularly occur there. The library could be greatly enhanced for just a fraction of the expense quoted for the second floor City Hall renovation/ADA upgrade.

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Baldwin City mayor says FEMA grant details make city role in community shelter at PAC difficult

Rule #1 when accepting money from federal agencies (i.e. FEMA): Read the fine print. These grants always come with very specific stipulations and regulations. There is no "free lunch." Professionals in city government, school districts, etc., who regularly deal with these types of grant submissions understand this.

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Concerns may end PACs use as Baldwin City's community storm shelter

DeSoto, however, is going on record to say their FEMA-funded school addition will be available to "DeSoto High School students and staff."

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