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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

I don't mind using my name. I always have, anyway. What I do mind is linking to my facebook page. So, me too. So long! And interestingly, there are VERY few comments appearing on the LJWorld site today.

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Baldwin board selects Kansas City, Mo., developer's proposal to purchase, redevelop Chapel Street properties

The Free State proposal sounds far more community oriented. Too bad greed wins out. There is no shortage of housing options in this town at all economic levels. But there has not been an all-day daycare facility since the closing of the Baker/USD lab school ten years ago. It matters not to me. My children are grown and I gave up on this town a long time ago. Just sayin' : more of the same old same old.

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Baldwin Council approves curbside recycling


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Sixth Street barricades to come down Friday evening

How true! We tore out and replaced our own sidewalk in front of our house several years ago. We were told at the time that the City put the sidewalks in initially and after that it's up to homeowners to provide "maintenance." Well, the sidewalks in our part of town were originally put in about 1920 or 1930, and obviously no homeowners have done any upkeep in the interim years. And walking around town, it's easy to see that current homeowners have no intention and probably no budget to replace sidewalks anytime soon.

Actually, funding programs that come under the umbrella of CDBGs (community development block grants) such as the money used to spruce up a couple of blocks downtown can be administered by municipalities to property owners for the purpose of helping people with this very type of upkeep. But our community doesn't want to hassle with helping residents. We just want to take all the expendable income through increased taxation of various sorts, then tell residents they have to improve their own sidewalks. Maybe if you'd leave us some money in our pockets, we could do that! But under the circumstances, we're spending way too much supporting your new sidewalks and your new schools to be able to take care of the sidewalks and alleys you're neglecting. (Yes, we also seem to have to put gravel in the alleys ourselves!!)

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Two Democrats to represent Baldwin City in Kansas Legislature

What about John Wilson???
Less than 50 words - at the very end - of this otherwise very long and detailed article.

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Brown, Holland vie for District 3 Kansas Senate seat

I'm 100% behind anyone who pushes for responsible, unbiased journalism. I'm appalled at that which passes for journalism today. It's mostly nothing but marketing designed, either carefully or carelessly, to shape public opinion. A "free press" (i.e. media) should promote truth and act as a buffer against those who would editorialize and bend facts to influence outcomes. What we have today, instead, is a complicated jumble of public relations specialists posing as journalists, each attempting to warp fact and fiction into something people will believe. It's a travesty.

All that said, I'm also nearly 100% behind Tom Holland. Because I cannot trust "journalists" to give us straight facts and let us make our own informed decisions, I examine the real records of these politicians. Just the facts, and my own interpretation of what the facts show. For me, the facts on Tom Holland show that, while he does have a Democratic framework for his work in State government, he has always worked very diligently to represent all of his constituents. When I look at someone who is "towing the Party line," I see someone who is disengaged from the people in the district, just pursuing their agenda(e) with blinders on. We've had a few such representatives in our district, in both the House and the Senate. But Tom is not one of them. Other than the debacle that overcame him when he threw in his hat for governor and was forced (by public relations handlers) to become a DNC mouthpiece, his track record looks very commendable to me.

I am an avowed and lifelong Independent. And Tom Holland is one of the best representatives in government that I have seen on either side of the aisle.

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It's the time of the year to be alert for deer

Be especially careful on the new 4-lane highway. A lot of woods that were longtime deer habitat were eliminated for our beloved new highway. Expect to see a lot of roadkill over the next few months.

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Maple Leaf Festival Parade grand marshals gratified with LAC success

Is the parade going back to the old route of High Street to 8th instead of turning north on 6th? Because a 6th Street route will not actually pass by the Lumberyard Arts Center. Also, the word is "vendor" not "vender."

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Baldwin City Council complete visioning 2020 exercise

A note about utilities and trying to attract new business, especially to an industrial park.

Many years ago I was directly involved with the Intech Park in Eudora. The company for which I worked owned the park, and my direct supervisor (the CEO) enlisted me to help our largest tenant, a national printing firm, try to resolve their eletricity cost dilemma. It seems the parent corporation had taken a look at the plant's electric bills and found that they were not only the highest amongst all of their plants nationwide, but significantly so.

Of course, my first call for assistance went to the Kansas Corporation Commission. They told me Eudora had "municipal" utilities (eletricity and water) and that the KCC, therefore, could not take up a grievance. I asked what our recourse would then be. They told me that municipal utilities are considered to be regulated by the taxpayers/constituents. I was told that if we didn't like the rates, we should vote in a new city council to help us get lower utility rates. In that case, it turned out that the mayor & council had a specific plan to rape the businesses on city utility rates in order to provide a lower mill levy overall for the townspeople. In other words, the printing plant owners weren't voters, so they were thrown under the bus. In the end, getting no relief from the City, the printing company put the plant up for sale and moved on to greener pastures in another state. Or maybe another country.

A cautionary tale for the City of Baldwin: If you want to attract national or even regional businesses to your town, you'd better make sure the utility rates you charge them are going to be competitive. Because in today's economy, they are definitely going to be savvy enough to draw that comparison against other possible locations. And they are definitely looking at other possible locations.

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Say goodbye to McDonalds.

We used to try to go through the drive-through at B.C. McDonalds on our way to Lawrence when we wanted something quick to eat. 9 out of 10 times we'd end up bailing because it took too long. Didn't matter whether the line was long or not, the wait was too long. So we'd just go to the one by Target in Lawrence at the other end of the road instead. Sometime along the line, we started just automatically going to the one in Lawrence (or somewhere else besides McDonalds). No one wants to wait for McDonalds food. Quick is the only reason to go there!

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