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Volunteers wanted to inventory Baldwin City sidewalks

I agree that there are a lot of sidewalks in Baldwin that need fixing. But I would also say that there need to be a lot more sidewalks in Baldwin Period. There are a lot of people that exercise either by walking or jogging that have to use the streets because lack of sidewalks in Baldwin.

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Study finds most Baldwin City streets in good shape

I think the lack of quality sidewalks in Baldwin is a real concern for safety for all the individuals that walk or run everynight and have to walk or run in the streets. The sidewalks on west high street are horrible, there are no sidewalks on 11th street. Also there is no safe walking area that connects High Street over to the grade schools either. The kids that live over by the Depot area have no clear way to walk or ride bikes to school. Its pretty clear that the city doesn't think ahead very well.

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Baldwin girls season ends one game short of state

I'm not trying to say the girls didn't have a great season. My point i guess i'm trying to make is, Coach Martin for whatever reason always stays status quo with his offense's and defense's. I'm just saying with the team he had this year and the team that he has next year, he needs to adjust his defensive play to fit the girls he has. I just don't see that ability in him. Who knows maybe he will prove me wrong.

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Baldwin girls season ends one game short of state

As you can see at the end of my previous post you reminded me of, There job is to get to state and prepare the kids for the next level. Coach Martin has done none of these things .

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Baldwin girls season ends one game short of state

OK , now it's time for you to step down as coach and let some one new take charge of the program. You could have won last night if you would have used your whole bench. you had 3 girls at the end of the bench that could have helped against Paola and you failed to use them. your inability to change your coaching style will always cause your teams to fail.

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Baldwin advances to sub-state finals with 47-43 victory against Ottawa

Coach Martin has the height to combat Paola's big girl. He just doesn't use it. He'll keep putting the 5'10" girls out there and not the 6'1" girl. Plus she has played against her in Jr. High.

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Baldwin girls end skid

I agree with you 100% Bulldog1. There was no reason to start a sophomore over a senior on senior night none!! But he plays his favorites and thats just the way he is. This team loaded with all these Senior's should have won the league this year. He has a 6'1" girl at the end of the bench he never uses who could of possibly helped them against paola and there 6"3" girl. I think it's wrong how he treats the ones outside of his favorites. I believe it's time for a new voice for the girls basketball program at the high school. Someone with a new fresh outlook and direction for the program.

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BHS boys basketball coaches resign together

You know sometimes the coaches don't always have the talent they need to compete the way they would like. They will always try differnt things to get a better outcome, but in the end it all comes down to talent on the floor. And right now the boys team has been down for the last couple of years. We are not like the private schools who can get the better talented kids. There is some talent coming in the future. I really don't think it would have mattered who was coaching these teams . they wouldn't have won like you expect them too. I think also this town needs to get behind the Girls team alot better. it seems like there always playing in a empty gym. They have had really good teams these last couple of years and some really good talent moving up to the high school next year. You never know with the full support of the community the sky is the limit for the girls high school basketball team the next few years. I just think parents need to let the coaches coach. and quit worring about who's playing and who's not . Coaches should always be playing the one's that give them the best chance to win. After all there job is to try to get their team to the state playoffs. and prepare the kids for the next level which is college, which ever level they choose. and not worry about which parent they ticked off this time.

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