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Gentlemen the Baldwin Signal won't be the only thing closing up. The 1055 road into Baldwin which is about to be closed and redone with sidewalks is absolutely crazy. How in the heck is the people north of town going to get into town, The gravel Road ! Let me tell you whats going to happen because I have seen it before. Here we go, I buy $500 a month in gas at Santa Fe Market and about $350 from the Grocery store and that doesn't include odds and ends at the Hardware store and eating at the Diner and what not. People are not going to drive clear around on the gravel road to get into town, they will buy at Lawrence. I have talked to all the neighbors (35of them) around me and they aggree with me. They will have to spend their money in Lawrence until the road is complete. (1 year ! ) Whatsup with that!! What a shame that baldwin city is spending Themselves broke just because the Feds gave them a percentage of the cost and are trying to become a big city. The decisions of our leaders are going to kill this town. Just look at the Property Taxes. That why I move here 2 years ago because of the I was tired of the Big city (KC) . I have friends that will be moving close to intermodle facilty in Gardner when it completed in last quarter of 2013. They ask me about Baldwin City and unfortunately I tell them I love it here just don't move into the Baldwin School district because of the outrageous property tax. Wakeup Baldwin Leaders the city is bleeding to death.

January 23, 2012 at 7:01 p.m. ( | suggest removal )