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Man, you hate it when these pesky PUBLIC records turn up right before an election

All you need a I think it is funny as hell how many people let this stupid stuff bother them. If you dont like a candidate dont vote for them it is that simple.

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The Baldwin City Fire Department is trying to strart the EMS squad back up. It has been 10 years since the city has an EMS squad other than Lawrence Fire Medical units. The Baldwin Fire Department has been moving forward to provide the best service it can to the citizens of this city, adding an EMS program is just another way that the citizens could benefit from the Fire Departments Services. The fire department is not going to replace Medic 11, but run calls with it as most citys do.

Anyone interested in joining the fire department as an EMS provider or Firefighter or both is encouraged to Call the station or stop by. We are always looking for more people to help continue giving the best quatlity service possible.

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City council gives nod to first responders

Anyone Interested in joining the fire department as a firefighter or EMS or both is encouraged to Call the fire Department at 785-594-3678 for more information.

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Water cost?

I will not be able to attend but you have my full support on this matter. I agree it is BS that we have to pay more. I could see justifying it if we never lost power but it took 45 minutes to get power the other day. The generators need to be set up so that when there is an emergency loss that they automatically kick on. One of the only reasons I am still here is that I could not sell my house and not take a loss.

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Morgan's hit-and-run case goes to jury

Regardless if she thought she hit orange barrells she should have stoped!!! I hope she gets the maximum term!!!

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Water cost?

I can Tell you that the fire hydrants are not tested by the fire department. It is a water department job.

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Water cost?

Its a conspirousy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Protester takes stand in manhole

Oh, ya and Bill keep up the good work.

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Protester takes stand in manhole

It is funny how you all are so quick to pass judgement. If you want to complain about the job Mr Winegar is doing then I suggest you fill out the application and be the next in line. I have never had a problem with him. He has been a great deal of help to me, and I am sure he will continue to be.

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City council approves re-plat of Lamoreux addition

It will be nice to get in to the parking lot with out any problems!!

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