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Cat fight wakes couple before house fire

Greyghost, that is not even appropriate!!! This family lost Everything they don't need you poking fun no matter how bad someones history is!!

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Douglas County to consider ‘jaw-dropper’ property tax increase of 16.6 percent

Sounds to me like the state, federal, and local governments need to take a financial class and try to get us out of debt instead of making our taxes higher!!

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Letters to the Editor

"“Hot” lunches brought from town are cold" This is funny to me cause when my mother in law worked at Marion Springs the lunches were fresh and awesome. She made home made rolls for the kids, so they never used to be hot lunches served cold.

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Letters to the Editor

The small class sizes is what gives our kids the edge. They have more teacher to student time and there are a lot of kids in our community that benefit from that. I have heard a lot of B.S about the issue, and a lot of the crap I hear is about sports and how everyone doesn't not want to pay more so their kids can compete. Well, last time I had a job interview they did not ask what position I played, how many pins did I have or what was my or our record. I do like sports don't get me wrong it builds team building skills and character cause you will not always win. I am not a fan of closing the schools!!! I would rather pay more for activities, tuition, and books than to close the schools. I like everyone else in this world is struggling to pay bills and live in a city that cost more than any other one around here to live in, but I would rather that my kids had a quality education with small classrooms and know that they are understanding what they are being taught.

I do live in town with hopes of moving into the country, and the thought of the kids ridding the buses for 30,45,and even 60 minutes one way to get home while the bus finishes the routes is flat out stupid. That is not fair to any kid of any age whether it be kindergarten to Senior in high school.

My next question that I have is how long have we had this problem? I graduated from BHS in 1999 and we never even heard of any of this then. How did this problem arise? To me it sounds like someone from the top mis-manages money. There is a lot that I don't know, but as my life continues and we all know life happens, it takes time to recover and it takes changes. However, little changes are what have made my life easier.

Here is my next and last question on this whole ordeal. What happens to the buildings if the district closes the schools? Has anyone seen the real estate market? Cause we sure as hell are not selling any house here in town very fast. The school district will have to still maintain the buildings to keep them presentable.

And like any of these posts mine will get picked apart for grammar and spelling, but I don't care. I went to big elementary schools in other cities where there were larger class sizes, and by the time I got to high school I did not care about learning. "I am not going to use this stuff out in the real world, I just want to run equipment" Is what I said. Now look at me I had to change careers and had education been fun to me I would have found this career from the start. I am just your average person that cares about what kind of education my kids get, and I hope they have the chance to get it in small classes where the teachers can focus on their needs.

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11th Street fiasco ...........

Call your local OSHA office, it wont help with the city, but it will help keep the safety violations down, and keep the kids from playing in the ditch.

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Have concerns about the changes the BNSF Intermodal will bring?

You are right the Mayor himself can not do anything, but he can bring it up.

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Have concerns about the changes the BNSF Intermodal will bring?

I see your concerns, and they are valid. I am not by any means trying to discredit you concerns or opinions. I just find it funny for those primarily that live in Gardner that keep thinking that they can regulate what happens, they lost that chance when they de annexed the property. As far as maintaining 56 HWY that is KDOTs responsibility. I do however think that there is too much money spent on lawyers to fight the railroad than there should be. If you are concerned about truck traffic then contact your city council, Mayor, City administrator, and Police Chief about ordinances, laws and enforcement that can be created in the city. And yes it is too figgin cold to hang out in the kwik shop parking lot

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More About Myself

add this guy to the watch list....better safe than sorry

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Have concerns about the changes the BNSF Intermodal will bring?

I think is nice to have concerns about what the Railroad is going to do, but honestly does anyone think that they can really do anything to stop it? And why would you want to? This is Baldwin's chance at getting some industrial to help pay for some of our infistructure. The Rail Road is going to put the intermodel in regaurdless of what anyone has to say about it. The only thing that anyone is doing is spending money to prevent it that doesn't need to be spent. Everyone complains about not having enough jobs, well heres the chance to create some with warehouses, factories, and trucking companies. Everyone likes a small town, so do I. We live too close to other cities to remain small, we should take advantage of it while we can!! Heres the thing, If you think about it the traffic will have a minimal impact on our city, there will be an exit put in on I -35.

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