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School board listens to patrons at public hearing

I was just using the 4 new kids in the 3 classes as an example......... Meaning there is NO WAY to tell of the growth, 4 kids in a year, or 25 kids.......


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School board listens to patrons at public hearing

to let you know Blogger. Just this year, there are 4 new kids in the 3rd-5th grades classes my daughters at VES are in.
I realize there is NO WAY for us to look into the future to let us know the growth in our schools over the next few years. But it would be VERY STUPID to put ourselves in another bad situation of overcrowded schools.

Dan Wilcox.

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School board listens to patrons at public hearing

1776, I think someone had a death in the family, from what I heard.....

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Parents respond to possible closing of rural schools

WOW Torch, speaking of utter CRAP.. Your statement about the kids don't care... Maybe yours don't. Look how they're brought up..

Mine ages 8 and 11 DO CARE.... They are already talking of having bake sales to make extra $$. They just don't realize how much $$ they will need.

Maybe you should step away from your computer do a little research and SHUT IT.

Dan Wilcox.

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School board revisits elementary school closings

Vinland did add a part time teacher this year. But they also split 4th grade up last year and this year to be taught in 3rd and 5th grades. So actually we have 1/2 a teacher less than a couple years ago.
Also MS and Vinland consolidated the janitor, and principals too.

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