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I suggest you look at the economic empact that the intermodal built outside of Dallas Texas had on the communities around it. A couple thousand jobs were added to the economy of the area working in the distribution centers and support facilities tied to the intermodal. This will have an impact on Baldwin economically and traffic wise. In the these economic times we should look favorably on projects that bring employment to the area.

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April 7, 2009 Election

Speaking of common sense why do you have two candidates signs for the same office of mayor in your yard? Now thinking ahead on your answer I will receive some sort of "encouraging debate in our community, or supporting the process blah blah blah."

In point of fact Peabody you look like your pandering to both sides of the aisle my friend. Trying to maintain your own support by rooting for both teams so to speak. And this unfortunately has backfired greatly. I suggest you either make a decision on a candidate to back for the office or take the more "common sense" approach for your position and go neutral on the whole issue.

I would call you for that face to face discussion and that free lunch but you didnt return my call of congratulations back in november so I am not sure you would answer.

Tongue in cheek on this Tony but seriously you look foolish to this town with the multi sign thing either go neutral or make a decision. I picked you to be on our city council and voted for you for congress on your decision making abilities and brains...not as a waffler...

Ken Hayes

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