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Couple see consignment/thrift store as gift to community


I wish them the best of luck! This will be a great addition to downtown.

I plan on stopping by!

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Baldwin City man has 32 years experience spreading Santa's message

32 years. Nice man - nice article.

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Brown, Gregory to debate issues at community forum Oct. 13

Good grief! Totally agree with the irrelevancy of Terri Lois and her personal appearance. As for the time she has spent in Baldwin...I think the only thing that comes into question is the fact that what she says and what really occurred do not match.

I think the question/answer forum will clear up any issues about who is [or isn't] ready to represent the 10th District in Topeka. Please attend if you have any questions. 7 pm, Wednesday October 13th - McKibben Recital Auditorium at Baker.

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Empty pool a sad sight

You know...that idea has promise!

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Criteria for Setting the Kansas House Agenda

OK by me!

Go Hawks!

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Letters to the Editor

Very nice editorial Officer Neis.

I always enjoy hearing people give credit and thanks to those who aren't expecting it.

Thanks to your department as well for all of the work you do that seems to go unnoticed.

Happy New Year!

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Local United Way campaign halfway to goal

You are probably correct in your assumption that people will blast you for being too petty about such a trivial thing.

I do not know you, but in the past couple of years I have grown totally tired of being constantly reminded of how well educated you are, and how your children don't attend Baldwin schools [if I remember correctly you pointed out that parents who send their children to Baldwin schools only do so because they are afraid of their kids being bullied], blah, blah, blah. What a load of bunk!

Don't sweat the small stuff Nan.

I don't know everything - geez, I wouldn't even want to. I do know that I would rather be thought of as a kind and generous individual rather than someone that needs to show-off all the time with self-important drivel.

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Voters to decide on sales tax Tuesday


I believe my math was correct. I was doing the math for $1, whereas your math was for $100. The end result was the same.


Your post made me laugh! Thank you.

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