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Taco Hell

I have to make a correction to my earlier post...I didn't mean to say that the person who is the district manager now doesn't care. I meant the one before this one. This new one is trying hard to get things back in order, fixed and cleaned up. I doubt that the price will go up just because of the fixing up. The prices come out of the corporate office. Some things are .89 because of a promotion of some sort for awhile then will raise to a regular price later on. But I am glad to see the parking lot getting fixed.

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Taco Hell

I've worked for this TB when it was in good shape. We had a great manager and good workers who cared about their appearance and the service that was given. But believe me, you will never get anywhere by calling the main office. Been there, done that. They just don't care. The manager said that they were supose to start working on it after Memorial Day. Believe it when I see it. The district manager doesn't care either. It's too bad...this place is going down fast.

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