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I am sure you are startled over what happened, as any father wanting to protect his child should be. But I am not sure I understand why posting this story on a public forum was necessary? I might understand if the woman promised to remove the dog and then failed to hold true to that. But it sounds like she felt horrible about a mistake she made and agreed to never let it happen again. Why go to the newspaper and tell the town how you "told her off?" Sounds like the problem was taken care of, man (I assume you are a man). The library has only a few women working there so it doesn't take too long to figure out which particular woman you are carrying on about. Why go the extra mile to humiliate the woman who you admitted felt horrible about what had happened and agreed to get the dog out of the library?

I totally get where you are coming from because that could have ended up being a pretty bad situation had your daughter been bit. I just think you could have handled it with more class.

Glad your daughter is safe. Happy holiday.

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Former coach lauded for devotion


Mr. Venable was recognized because a group of his former students capitalized on an opportunity to get the complex named after him. From what I understand there was not much opposition or competing alternatives. If you had somebody else in mind then YOU should have spoken up and nominated a person more suited to have their name on the corner of 6th and Quayle.

Also, you fail to address a reasonable alternative for how this process should have taken place? What would you suggest? Calling every single BHS alumni and getting their vote? Good idea. I nominate you for that job next time we need to name something else.

Bottom line: It has been known for quite some time that the complex was going to be named the "Merle Venable Sports Complex." There was no opposition or competing suggestions. If anyone disagreed with the process or who the complex should be named after BEFORE this article came out, they had plenty of time to get up from the computer and toss up some other ideas.

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Baker Layoff

It's definitely supposed.

The layoffs were very unfortunate. Chin up.

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