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BCRC reports pool season ended with nearly $10,000 deficit

"A swimming pool is a hole in the ground that you fill with money."
Actually a $10K loss is probably not that bad.

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Have you ever attended an event at the Lumberyard Arts Center?

Sure. It's a fine facility.

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Baldwin High football vs. Louisburg

No credits but somebody did a fine job on these images. Way to go.

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Baldwin City legislator TerriLois Gregory faces ethics hearing over using public resources for political campaigning

Does anybody seriously believe that she actually lives here? If so, where? Hell, I'll go mow her yard if somebody can point it out to me.

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Wine and Brew Festival raises money for BCRC scholarship

Oh, Torch, you are so, so continental.

Rebel, rebel, hot tramp, I love you so...

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What's your favorite condiment?

Pickapeppa sauce. You can get it at larger grocery stores. Great stuff!

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Walk the plank

Soak your planks in apple or pineapple juice, beer or whatever you like for a flavor kick. You can also make your own cedar planks from lumber stock at a fraction of the price. And Alli, you're not really 'smoking' here -it's grilling.
Thanks for your sauce recipe, I'll try it and yep, the copper river fillets are just about gone.

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Peak of severe weather season approaches

Hey, 365 days have now passed since this article was issued. How's about just changing the date to 5/18/2011 on this drivel so we can all have the latest severe weather prognostication.
Just sayin'!

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How did you first hear about the news of U.S. forces killing Osama bin Laden?

So, daddy, that officially makes you a 'deather'.
In that case, Osama should provide a long-form death certificate.


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Do you plan to vote on the April 5 election?

Nope. I've lived here all my life. You can't go home again. It's gone.

Yea, though I enter the valley of the unconcerned. . .

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