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Drought claims largest tree in Oakwood Cemetery

Gary Murray has a point: that was one giant lightning bolt that hit the tree years ago. I remember when it happened. It blew a large wedge out of the tree. Combine that with the drought and a century of history is gone.

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'The Ballad of Black Jack' creator dies

My friend Don has gone to the stars. Safe journey...

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Baldwin school board approves fee for in-town busing service

Maybe it's because guvner Brokeback and his tea bagger party are out to dumb down Kansas education by chopping education funding, among many other things, resulting in moves like this on the local level. If you voted for the tea baggers, don't complain.

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City to approach Baker, school district about interest in bringing Internet upgrade to Baldwin City

Bringing in gigabit fiber optic is a good idea but not if it's non-residential such as Ottawa's is. I'd say get on Google's list and stay there. They'll be coming to the Gardner/Edgerton area before long due to the intermodal project and all the high-tech growth coming with it. Communities that do not keep out in front of this stuff will get run over and left behind by it.

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Moran explains vote on background checks to Baldwin City Rotary Club

Moran is a tool and will tilt at any windmill. When he fears the voters more than the NRA, he will vote the other way.

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U.S. 56 bridge replacement starts in and west of Baldwin City

This will drive traffic crazy on roads like N150.Going to be an interesting summer. I c & p'ed both links and they work fine, BTW.

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Digital decision

No matter what oldsters think of the internet, these kids need to stay out in front of it or it will run over them and leave them in the dust. Plain and simple.

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Baker University Christman Candlelight Vespers moving to Rice Auditorium

Make that headline 'Christmas'...

And it is a shame. It's inherently more beautiful in the big church. Bad decision.

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Baker University Christman Candlelight Vespers moving to Rice Auditorium

Make that Christmas...

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