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Council seeks grant for trail

I would not have thought it possible but I keep agreeing with 1776attorney. Maybe its like Siskel and Ebert. Notwhatyouthink has good point too though that pavement will cost you some of your front yard since those streets are too narrow to turn into full fledged streets and thus be able to be maintained.

Nathaniel Johnson

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U.S. 56 bridge replacement starts in and west of Baldwin City

If you live S. of 56 then the best way would be to take N 200 Rd, skip 1400 Road back to 56 since that intersection is the blind one at the top of a hill and go all the way to the new frontage road on 59.

<iframe width="300" height="300" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=";source=s_d&amp;saddr=801+Orange+St,+Baldwin+City,+KS&amp;daddr=38.7676904,-95.248803+to:Unknown+road&amp;hl=en&amp;geocode=FT-KTwIdJ4hT-ikVulpAC1u_hzF_3Er2izpISg%3BFUqMTwIdXZ5S-il1Nsl6lUS_hzECOuoi42KDwQ%3BFYfFTwIdLFpS-g&amp;aq=&amp;sll=38.775002,-95.227618&amp;sspn=0.042022,0.092096&amp;mra=dpe&amp;mrsp=1&amp;sz=14&amp;via=1&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;t=m&amp;ll=38.774964,-95.227776&amp;spn=0.080298,0.102997&amp;z=12&amp;output=embed"></iframe><br /><small><a href=";source=embed&amp;saddr=801+Orange+St,+Baldwin+City,+KS&amp;daddr=38.7676904,-95.248803+to:Unknown+road&amp;hl=en&amp;geocode=FT-KTwIdJ4hT-ikVulpAC1u_hzF_3Er2izpISg%3BFUqMTwIdXZ5S-il1Nsl6lUS_hzECOuoi42KDwQ%3BFYfFTwIdLFpS-g&amp;aq=&amp;sll=38.775002,-95.227618&amp;sspn=0.042022,0.092096&amp;mra=dpe&amp;mrsp=1&amp;sz=14&amp;via=1&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;t=m&amp;ll=38.774964,-95.227776&amp;spn=0.080298,0.102997&amp;z=12" style="color:#0000FF;text-align:left">View Larger Map</a></small>

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Baldwin City mayoral race draws three current or former council members

I can't argue with any of your points. It is clear that you understand the issues and considering your long history with the community you would look, at first blush, like a great candidate. I wish you would not post anonymously though. I think that your comments would carry more influence if they were signed.

-Nathaniel Johnson

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Baldwin City mayoral race draws three current or former council members

Having seen all three candidates platforms I am comfortable saying that while none of the candidates is objectionable, I support Bonnie Plumberg for Mayor. I believe that Mr. Mock is still too young and lacks real world business experience. Ms. Pearse is a single issue candidate who is clearly not aware of the technical obstacles involved in bringing fiber to the Baldwin. It is never going to happen, not just because of our size but because we do not sit anywhere near a fiber trunk line. Also, it is unlikely that residents are going to sign up for the $1,000 a month subscription costs for fiber. You can check my facts but I have looked at locations that have introduced Gb fiber (Fayetteville being the smallest I could find). It is certainly a great idea but not attainable for another couple decades. Ms. Plumberg, on the other hand, has some reasonable suggestions for Quality of Life improvements. Walking paths and sidewalks are pretty high on my lists.

Nathaniel A. Johnson
801 Orange Street
Baldwin City, KS 66006

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Digital decision

1776attorney has made valid points. I would say that the cost of the individual devices should be born by parents with appropriate programs for low-income families. I do think that it is appropriate for the district to keep a wireless infrastructure in place which is something that they already do, therefore those costs are not accurately reflected in his/her post. The tablet is an excellent tool and I have no doubt that over the next twenty years it will largely replace paper text books. The obsolescence curve is more like 30 months rather than 12 months but it is certainly a concern. I think that parents are currently responsible for their students having computers and there is no reason to subsidize any particular company's technology and leave that decision in the hands of parents and students.

Nathaniel A. Johnson

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Alpaca stars of Baldwin City's Ad Astra farm

I purchase my socks from Ad Astra. They are far better than smart-wool for wicking the moisture from exercise and they provide superior cushioning. The other huge fan of the socks is my cat who I often find asleep wrapped around a sock she pulls from the laundry basket.

Nathaniel Johnson

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Baldwin USD 348 agrees to donate easement for expanded KDOT project

Thank you for responding GreyGhost. It would be nice to know if you are involved Baldwin governance so I know whether to say thank you for responding before I jump in a start complaining again. I will just assume that you are and thank you.

I would say that the argument still stands though. The downtown renovation does not really benefit residents as much as it helps the businesses in that area (a good thing of course). I guess the heart of my concern is that the fundamental infrastructure of roads and sidewalks is so obviously poor in some areas that the contrast with these new projects is painfully obvious to everyone. Take a walk in the area just East of Baker or South of downtown and you run across very poorly maintained roads and no public drainage plan. Baldwin is situated on a hill and we still have areas that flood. The Women's Bridge and South 6th Street projects are good starts but we need a more comprehensive, long term statement of intent on the existing infrastructure in all areas of the town. Not just the new developments.

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Baldwin USD 348 agrees to donate easement for expanded KDOT project

I am agreeing with 1776attorney more and more lately though I am not hostile toward the new schools. We need a more transparent budgeting and spending process. The newspaper is the logical place to publish this information but making it available on the city's official website would also be helpful. The idea behind these growth projects has always been that the new projects would reap returns for the older neighborhoods. I have seen many communities in Southern California where that was the stated goal but it ended up marginalizing the original communities and eventually they turned into small poor neighborhoods surrounded by wealthier new neighborhoods. I approve of the idea of Baldwin improving it's infrastructure but it must be in a far more balanced approach. I think it is disingenuous to say that we are going to attract new growth with these projects. That growth is going to happen anyway and done appropriately, the developers will pay a more appropriate part of the expenses. In the meantime, it is time to aim improvements at our own "inner city".

Here is what I consider the most pressing issues:
1) Eisenhower Street, by the high school needs to be widened. The encroachment by the trailer homes on the right of way needs to be addressed.
2) A stop light needs to be added at the corner of 8th and 56 highway.
3) The streets around Liston Stadium need to be widened and sidewalks added.

I am sure there are many more but those are the ones that stand out to me.

Nathaniel Johnson

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Sixth Street barricades to come down Friday evening

I think this is a unifying issue. With all of the road work, drainage issues, not to mention crumbling sidewalks, how can the city justify this expense for an area that receives almost no foot traffic? I walk every day (fat race walker looks like I am doing the chicken dance) and I see many other walkers on streets within the actual town who struggle with the same disintegrating sidewalks. Don't get me wrong, the sidewalks in front of my house are in pretty bad shape but I simply can't afford to replace them yet but the city can afford to replace the ones in front of the hardware store? City Council, you need to make a statement on this. What is the rational? It's not even the most pressing highway issue - That would be 8th Street and 56 highway. I would also add that we are damn lucky not to have had a fatality on the back roads while that stretch has been closed. You should never close a major highway completely.

Nathaniel Johnson

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Kansas Belle on track for Baldwin City opening

I would like to thank everyone for doxing each other and I would encourage you to continue it. Now would someone tell me who hyperinflate is in real life - also Torch for that matter. As for the new business, I can't see how this could be bad for the city. Win or loose, we win. 15K is a trivial expense just for the advertising our community will receive from the opening of this business. I also expect that there is a built in clientele within the community, namely that of Baker student's parents and alumni that might stay and make an evening of their visits here.

Now a stunning achievement would be if Feaster's Rogue Apron would actually succeed. I feel like trying it out but, well.... I'll wait and ask hyperinflate once I have a real name to work with.

Nathaniel A. Johnson (I'm in the phone book)

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