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Baldwin City Council complete visioning 2020 exercise

Sounds like it's about time to run the good ole boy network out of town - while there is still a town to run them out of.

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Baldwin city council approves permit for RV park

Excellent idea ! What Baldwin needs is more homes on wheels. Best part of this latest city debacle is transients by the Junior HS. What could be smarter ?

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Baldwin wrestling coach prefers to stay put

What happened to fiscal responsibility ? Sounds like money is burning a hole in the boards pocket - again.

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Baldwin City Council receptive to sculptors' public art proposal

Yes because Baldwin needs to be a disfunctional clone of Lawrence. Geez how soon can we run this bunch out of office.

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Architect offers to draw plans for Baldwin Junior High auditorium remodel at no cost

Common sense seems to be in short supply where Parks is concerned. Basic math Ande. C'mon man

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Construction of multi-use building among recommendations in Baldwin school district administrator facility report

The Baldwin USD 348 Board of Education received a facilities report Monday from district administrators, which recommends another closed school be put on the market and the construction of a multi-use building for district administrative offices and other needs.

I would love to know who these district administrators are, they should be run out of the school district. This article indicates a complete loss of a grasp on reality.

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Baldwin superintendent presents plan to open shelter to residents

I suggest you seek a class in reading comprehension ( kompreehenshun ) to be able to read my post proposing an alternative idea, Your response(s) have little to do with that post

The idea of volunteer staffing is noble but not practical if you want to guarantee that the shelter will be open whenever it is needed. The fact is a storm cannot be scheduled therefore you have to have someone on call 24/7 365 days a year just in case a storm brews up. All I am saying is that costs money. Real money. It isn't free. 0

Where is that in my post???

I am just saying that in order to guarantee that you have to PAY someone to make sure it's there and it is manned properly (as someone in this thread requested).

Who could have said that ???

And finally - Again, name me one community that has a designated Community Shelter that guarantees it will be open 100% of the time in case of bad weather

Emporia KS. White Auditorium

Your time would probably be more productive posting against yourself

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Baldwin superintendent presents plan to open shelter to residents

DId you read my post at all

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Baldwin superintendent presents plan to open shelter to residents

@ Kermit

please name me one other community that has a designated Community Shelter that is open 100% of the time? None. Community shelters are open during bad weather.

This will get extremely costly since someone will certainly have to be on call all of March, April, May , June , July... Since you seem to be the resident expert tell me exactly how much this will cost or is it easier to just poo poo the idea and forget about getting facts.

Taxes will have to go up or current services cut. Which will it be? And your calling me knee jerk before you even know a dollar figure. Really ???

Whichever member of the council you are I suggest you do some fact checking. That's doing something before alot of nothing is done - again

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