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Event Saturday in downtown Baldwin City to be preview of summer 2014

Great time last night. It was good to see people enjoying the event, their neighbors and the music. Well done

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Study finds most Baldwin City streets in good shape

I guess my question is does the study of "streets" include curbing and guttering ? If you're just looking at the street surface itself I think the streets are probably comparable ( take away the pet paving project by JRHS and the gravel road STILL on Newton St.) Should the study take into account curbing and guttering the money spent for the study was a complete waste as South of 56 is at best lacking. I would also further venture to guess sidewalks ( or lack thereof ) did not factor into the equation.

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Eisenhower Street upgrade to get underway

Apologies for the bad information.

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Eisenhower Street upgrade to get underway

When you change your name to Plumberg. Another slap in the face to those residing south of 56.

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Baldwin school board approves fee for in-town busing service

Whole heartedly agree with you b8es. From the sound of things I think our school board should work for either the banking or airline industry as they seem to have a knack for finding more and more fees and rates to pass on.

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Baldwin High School Class of 2013 gets emotional send off from former teacher

Class act Mrs. Leonard, thank you

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Moran explains vote on background checks to Baldwin City Rotary Club

Sounds like a cheap shot at Moran. Hope b8es feels better now.

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Moran explains vote on background checks to Baldwin City Rotary Club

Moran's vote folllows the same line of reasoning you just stated. Background checks dont keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

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Baldwin district considering technology fee with iPad introduction

It was the view of some that students are more “invested” in the care of iPads with fees, Hemphill said. That was the view of the technology director of the Inman school district, who said the district had more problems with broken and lost iPads this year after dropping the fee.

Just a thought. Lost, stolen, damaged... IPads are the financial responsibility of the student / parent. Problem solved.

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Baldwin board approves iPad purchase

Can someone please correct me if I'm wrong. I did a little math regarding the ipads.
$90,000 X 3 years = $270,000 / 475 ipds = $586.42 per ipad. You can buy a single ipad at Best buy for under $500

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