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greyghost How does it feel to be the "poster child" for this change?

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Progress made on problems plaguing Baldwin High School iPad connectivity

This is just the beginning--

New problems surface in L.A. Unified's iPad program

Hacking by students and missing iPads are only part of the problem. Did anyone ask if the teaching software is any good?


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Ticket leads to petition drive for crosswalk light

The heavy traffic is primarily from the elementary schools. This makes Highway 56 almost impossible to enter, especially if a driver needs to turn left onto the highway. There are too many cars in both directions.

This is an issue the school district should have foreseen. When you design new construction you always anticipate future traffic flow and diversion requirements.

Just like the district "forgot" about sidewalk access for children to the schools, I suspect we would find very little discussion about traffic issues causing problems.

Of course, now city and state taxpayers are providing great new sidewalks right along Highway 56 with speeding cars for the little children to walk to school.

I appreciate your comments Bloggerboo, but even as an apologist for past school boards, surely you have to admit that for years the school district has blundered, mismanaged, squandered and misrepresented resulting in the public lacking confidence in the integrity and capability of the school administrators and representatives.

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Ticket leads to petition drive for crosswalk light

I discussed with the Kansas Dept of Transportation the 8th Street and Highway 56 intersection after the highway was improved years ago. It became apparent that drivers (including many elderly) had difficultly crossing over into the grocery store because of traffic.

With school traffic it is a virtual nightmare. At 8am and 3pm it is impossible just to get out on to the highway (something the school district should have considered BEFORE they selected their locations).

The KDOT basically said that a signal at that intersection "wasn't in the plans". No mention if it was necessary for traffic flow or a safety issue.

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Baldwin board selects Kansas City, Mo., developer's proposal to purchase, redevelop Chapel Street properties

Stay tuned for the "negotiations" phase........ can we place bets on how long it will take for the subject of Baldwin City taxpayers providing tax abatements, low cost loans or outright grants to get a signed sales contract?

If you pitch enough rosy-colored community benefits, you can always count on city hall to trip all over themselves to hand over taxpayer monies.

I could be proven wrong, but the school district has a long track record of sticking city taxpayers with bills for things the district either messed up, forgot or wanted to pawn off on another government entity..

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Baldwin school district receives two proposals to buy, redevelop Chapel Street properties

Mark my words----- after the iPad fiasco and all the school district blunders over the past 5 years...... this may not end well.

The grade school building was appraised at between $400,000 and $900,000. The school board gave it away for $200,000 to rid themselves of a headache and the shadow of mismanagement. All at taxpayer expense.

The old high school buildings should be appraised between $350,000 and $750,000 based on county records and an independent appraiser. Will this new school board also throw away school property at a huge taxpayer loss?

Neither of the proposals above describe a project with sufficient cash flow to make this a positive for taxpayers.

I expect both of these proposals to be back at the public trough looking for tax abatements or taxpayer loans at some point.

While Tony Krsnich deserves credit for some very nice historical renovations, many of these come to fruition with taxpayer subsidizes.

Reflective Groups obsession with the misguided idea of gigabit broadband for Baldwin City (at a cost to taxpayers of more than $5 million with very, very few legitimate users) doesn't instill confidence in their business visioning.

When the school district is in over their head, sadly, they never seem to seek out expert advice or assistance, they just continue to blunder all over themselves.

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State: Brownback's former budget director will work on state fiscal policy with KPI

Mr. Rothschild.

Can you write anything other than left-wing propaganda? How about some unbiased, serious and professional news coverage that doesn't include Koch conspiracy theories?

Your articles in the LJW are intentionally composed to play to a far left extreme readership (which is why that newspaper is nearly bankrupt) that will "comment" all day long with their out of the mainstream far left theories and opinions.

Like him or not, Mr. Rothschild, Governor Brownback was elected by a large percentage of voters in Kansas and they seem quite happy with his leadership and governance. Your little micro-enclave of Lawrence is certainly welcome to its own bizarre-world of neo-socialism, but 97% of the state isn't interested.

Can't you leave the citizens of Baldwin City out of your propagandizing? You are not a serious, professional journalist.

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