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Baldwin City McDonald's closing

Although it is sad that Baldwin is losing another business, I am not surprised. I quit there a long time ago. The service was terrible. My order was consistently wrong, cold , or took forever. Seriously it took 20 minutes to get 4 chicken wraps and 2 large fries with no salt. Complaining about it did no good as it just brought sighs and eye rolling from some of the staff. It is impossible to stay in business when you treat your customers like they are a nuisance.

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Company pitches contract bus service to Baldwin USD 348 board

So does this mean if Baldwin contracts with Apple , all the bus drivers who have worked for the district for years will find themselves suddenly unemployed ?

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Baldwin City man working to restore Victorian house to former stately condition

Thanks puck.. That is what I meant. : )

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Baldwin City man working to restore Victorian house to former stately condition

I am so glad to see the house being restored. I lived in the ground floor apartment in 1992. The apartment had alot of character it is nice to see someone turning it back into a family home.

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District's mill levy to jump

Part of the reason why the school district can't stay within the budget is the spending of our money on unnecessary stuff. $1200 apiece for benches, $150 apiece for fake plants, $100 or so apiece for trash cans outside the school. I don't know how many thousands it must have cost for the Bose sound system to be put in. What ever happened to our hard earned money going towards actually educating our children? From the information that has come my way it is my understanding there is not enough textbooks for everyone. (true or not I do not know yet but I am going to find out).
I would like to think that the education of our children would be more important then having a building that looks more like a hotel lobby then a school.
Not that there is anything wrong with having a nice building that is clean, safe and everything is in proper working order. That includes having buses and school cars that are working properly. I would much rather my children come home with new current textbooks then come home and tell me "Hey mom the school put in a new plasma TV in the lunchroom today," Oops, that already happened.. Maybe the district should be rethinking thier priorities ( Any misspellings or errors in grammar are solely the responsability of the computer,. and the owner does apologize)

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Yet Another Baldwin City Business Closes

FeelLikeA Stranger has a point. I am several years past the younger generation ,except for grabbing lunch or dinner ,downtown does not hold alot of intrest for me. No offense to any of the retailers. You can only check out Baldwins many antique stores so often before it gets kind of old. ( No pun intended) I have high school age kids who quite often say there is nothing for them to do in Baldwin. Unless you are into summer sports, recreation for the younger crowd, which is growing as more families move here, is almost non existint. In the past there had been talk of a skate park, that was nixed, a community center, again that did not happen. Ottawa at least has a movie plaza, and a couple of video stores. I do not know what the answer is, or how much blame goes to the city council. As far as turning Baldwin into another Weston, MO, why would we want to pride ourselves on being a copy of another town? I would rather, as a consumer and patron of this community be proud of the fact that we are unique, and offer a wide variety of establishments that suit all ages and tastes.

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True Baldwin City baby

Its nice to see some happy news for a change. Congrats to the Pringle family.

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